The Return of Aunt Grandma
Season 3, Episode 13-14
The Return of Aunt Grandma Title Card HD
Premiered: April 23, 2016
Short: "None"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Kenny Pittenger
David Gemmill
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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The Return of Aunt Grandma is the 13th and 14th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 3, and the 91st and 92nd episode overall of the series. This is the fourth half-hour episode of the series.


Uncle Grandpa's gang joins Aunt Grandma in helping children after seeing a fake hate video of them.

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The RV is parked near a rest stop, Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus are watching TV until a miniature RV bursts through the wall next to the couch and Uncle Grandpa walks out and says Good Morning! Pizza Steve is asking him what's happening!? Uncle Grandpa tells him that he's coming home from a long day of helping the helpless children of the world as he changes into a night gown. Mr. Gus wants to know how many children he helped today, Uncle Grandpa states that he helped most if not all of them, Pizza Steve tells him that he's at the top of his game and that he reminds him of a young Pizza Steve. Uncle Grandpa pulls out a door knob and states that he's going to get beauty sleep and that his kind of handsome just doesn't grow on trees, he puts the door knob in the couch pillow and opens it, he tells the guys goodnight as he jumps in and closes the door behind him. Pizza Steve points to the pillow stating there goes his hero as well as Mr. Gus. Aunt Grandma crashes into the RV laughing manically, and Mr. Gus is surprised to see her, Aunt Grandma tells the guys that she's her with a kind of offer, the guys are having doubts about her offer since she's Uncle Grandpa's arch nemesis. Aunt Grandma tells the guys to come work for her at Aunt Grandma Industries, Pizza Steve laughs in amusement while Mr. Gus thanks her for stopping by and tells her she can drive her convertible around and drive herself under what ever rock she came from, Pizza thanks her and tells her that they're not interested. Aunt Grandma has a trick up her sleeve and pulls out a disc, Mr. Gus becomes skeptical as she inserts the disc into the TV.

A video plays showing Uncle Grandpa saying mean comments about the guys while talking to himself in the mirror, he tells himself that they all suck eggs. Uncle Grandpa rants about Mr. Gus being a boring, stuffy, over muscled stick in the mud and this hurts Mr. Gus' feelings while Pizza Steve agrees to what Uncle Grandpa said. Uncle Grandpa then rants about how Pizza Steve is such a blowhard while he has absolutely nothing to back it up, and that all he's ever good is bragging and he's not very good at that. Uncle Grandpa then talks about how Belly Bag is just a heavy burden, he then rants about how if Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Frankenstein and Tiny Miracle were missing, he wouldn't even notice they were gone. Aunt Grandma asks the gang if they've seen enough, the gang is heartbroken and Aunt Grandma tells them to rethink her offer and they're all ready to join her as they're in her car, Pizza Steve opens her car door and tells her to hop in while calling her boss. Aunt Grandma tells them to buckle in as it can be a bumpy ride.

It's morning and the hand chair clucks like a rooster, the couch pillow is bouncing around as Uncle Grandpa is trying to break free, he finally does and he asks Belly Bag what's on todays agenda, Uncle Grandpa notices he's not there and that the RV is awfully quiet today. Uncle Grandpa believes that everyone went out for breakfast, and that it is Waffle Wednesday, he states that there are also kids out there who needs his help, he grabs onto the windshield wiper and launches himself to start helping kids.

While in the air, Uncle Grandpa sees that Peggy Peterson needs a new tennis racket. Peggy is crying on a bench with a tennis racket, Uncle Grandpa face plants into the ground and turns on the water fountain. Uncle Grandpa coming out of the water fountain tells Peggy to turn off the water works because he's here to help. Peggy stops crying and tells Uncle Grandpa that she doesn't need any help, Uncle Grandpa sees that she was crying and offers her a tissue, Peggy tells Uncle Grandpa that these are tears of joy. Peggy tells Uncle Grandpa that at first she needed a tennis racket and now she has one, Uncle Grandpa grabs his brain, scoops it up with his ear and eats it, he tells her that he doesn't think he heard her correctly, Peggy tells him that he's so funny and she runs off saying goodbye. Uncle Grandpa is confused as he doesn't get, he states that she was on the list, Aunt Grandma drifts near Uncle Grandpa covering him in mud. Aunt Grandma offers to clear up his confusion, Uncle Grandpa notices that it's Aunt Grandma and wants to know what she's doing here, Aunt Grandma tells him that she'll put it into the simplest possible terms for him to understand, she tells him that he's finished Uncle Grandpa looks at him watch and is happy to see that it's quitting time already and he states that he feels like he didn't do anything yet. Mr. Gus tells Uncle Grandpa to cut it off, Uncle Grandpa notices that his friends are with her and wants to know why they're with her. Pizza Steve tries to jog his memory by stating that they know how Uncle Grandpa really feels about them, Belly Bag tells Uncle Grandpa that they know about the video, Uncle Grandpa doesn't know about any video. The gang looks at Aunt Grandma in confusion, Aunt Grandma tells him that they'd love to stay and chat but her and her colleges have more important business to conduct, to help all the children in the world, she tells him ta ta and drifts off leaving Uncle Grandpa in the mud. As the car drives off, Uncle Grandpa tells them to come back and comments that this is the worst Waffle Wednesday ever.

Uncle Grandpa is walking alone past a TV store and one of the TVs turn on to a commercial. The commercial asks if the viewer is a kid who needs help, it then cuts to Aunt Grandma pushing Uncle Grandpa out the way saying that there's a new helper in town and her name is Aunt Grandma. She states that by using the state of the art technology, Aunt Grandma and Aunt Grandma Industries lead the business when it comes to children assistance services, she tells the viewers to stop suffering and tells them to get the help they deserve today as she gives a lollypop to a girl. She then tells the viewers to have a beautiful morning.

Uncle Grandpa doesn't know how can he compete with that as he flops on the ground and pulls himself up to a sandwich shop. With no friends and no job, he has no purpose to his life, Uncle Grandpa wants to know what's the point of being Uncle Grandpa if he can't help people, he looks up to the help wanted sign in the window and sees that it's a sign (literally). Uncle Grandpa becomes motivated and decides to become a person who helps others by giving them sandwiches. Uncle Grandpa enters the sandwich shop and the Sandwich Shop Owner notices him walking in the shop. Uncle Grandpa walks into the shop and sees that there doesn't seem to be anyone in there, he then decides to wait patiently until someone need his help. The Sandwich Shop Owner is standing next to him and asks Uncle Grandpa if he can help him, Uncle Grandpa tells him that he doesn't need his help, but he's here to help him, Uncle Grandpa points out the help wanted sign and that he's good at giving help. The Sandwich Shop Owner wants to know Uncle Grandpa's experience, Uncle Grandpa tells him he's been helping kids for 55 years, the Sandwich Shop Owner asks Uncle Grandpa if he ever made sandwiches before, Uncle Grandpa replies with all the time at home, he then asks Uncle Grandpa his favorite sandwich meat and he tells him tuna fish. The Sandwich Shop Owner is judging him by looking at him and he happily tells Uncle Grandpa that he's hired, he then tells Uncle Grandpa what his father used to say and that is never trust a man who doesn't love tuna fish, he slaps Uncle Grandpa on the back and welcomes him on board the S.S. Subpar Sandwich Ship and ask him for his name, Uncle Grandpa tells him his name and the Sandwich Shop Owner tells him he's going to call him Jeff and he'll give Uncle Grandpa Jeff's old nametag while he's at it. Uncle Grandpa tells him Jeff's a cool name, the Sandwich Shop Owner tell Uncle Grandpa Jeff was a lousy employee but he has a good feeling about him and with Uncle Grandpa's help, they'll be able to sink the other subs and crush the competition, he then takes Uncle Grandpa into the back room to show him the art of making a Subpar Sandwich.

At Aunt Grandma Industries, Aunt Grandma sitting in her chair and decides to check in on her new employees, Aunt Grandma states that if you provide them with stupid perks in the work place, you can get them to do anything for you. Pizza Steve is getting a massage on his butt, Mr. Gus is working out while reading a book, Tiger is getting her hair and nails done, Frankenstein, Belly Bag, and Tiny Miracle are all enjoying themselves in a hot tub as they regret working for Uncle Grandpa. Aunt Grandma then gives out a special announcement to everyone, she tells them that she's just checking in to make sure that everything is to their liking and they all are enjoying it, she then reminds them that they have an appointment with Timothy at 2:00 PM and tells them to be sure to join them, she then turns off the intercom. Aunt Grandma is glad that with Uncle Grandpa out of the picture and his impressionable crew under her spell, she'll soon reign as the supreme kid helper of the world.

The Sandwich Shop Owner shows Uncle Grandpa the final step to making a perfect subpar sandwich and that's what separates the mediocre from the subpar and yells at Uncle Grandpa saying if he got it! Uncle Grandpa does. The Sandwich Shop Owner looks at the clock and tells Uncle Grandpa that at any second a crowd of starving customers will burst through the door, he then tells Uncle Grandpa that the lunch rush is like nothing he's never experienced before, the Sandwich Shop Owner's watch alarm goes off and tells him to man his stations! Uncle Grandpa goes to stand behind the counter, the Sandwich Shop Owner tells him to be steady as Uncle Grandpa looks at the door to see a crowd of people rushing to get their food. The crowd goes up to the counter where Uncle Grandpa is and Uncle Grandpa is stunned to see all these people want their food.

Aunt Grandma is asking Timothy what can she do to help him toady, he claims to be doing some crazy wheelies with no spare tire, Aunt Grandma tells him to not worry as she tells him they'll have his tire fixed in a snap. Mr. Gus takes off the broken wheel, gives it to Pizza Steve, Tiger gives the new tire, Mr. Gus puts the new tire on while Tiny Miracle gives the air pump to Mr. Gus , he inflates the tire and Pizza Steve slaps a sticker on Timothy's helmet with Aunt Grandma's seal of approval. Aunt Grandma stops her time watch and sees that it took 43 seconds and calls it a very good time, Timothy thanks Aunt Grandma and rides off telling her she's the readiest aunt grandma ever. Aunt Grandma then writes in he clip board that went very well.

Uncle Grandpa is trying to make a sandwich for the hungry customers, he sprays mustard all over their faces, he then looks at the Sandwich Shop Owner. Aunt Grandma then helps a kid put toothpaste on his toothbrush so he can brush his teeth. Uncle Grandpa tries to get a piece of baloney out from a stack of meats, and throws the piece of baloney onto a customer's face. Aunt Grandma helps a child make a paper airplane. Uncle Grandpa spills a box of fresh pickles onto the path of a lady, making her slip and slide all over the shop. Aunt Grandma helps a kid learn how to ride a skateboard. A customer finds Uncle Grandpa's mustache in his sandwich. Aunt Grandma helps a girl how to use a lasso. Uncle Grandpa sleeps on the job. Aunt Grandma helps a child go to bed, then a lot of children rejoice as Aunt Grandma writes in her clipboard. The customers leave the subpar sandwich shop in disgust because of Uncle Grandpa, the Sandwich Shop Owner wants to have a talk with Uncle Grandpa about his performance.

Aunt Grandma calls in the gang to talk to them about their performance, she shows them that their rate of growth is exceptional, kid satisfaction is through the roof, and their stock value has risen considerably. Aunt Grandma tells them that this is because of their help at AGI as well as getting rid of that nuisance Uncle Grandpa, Aunt Grandma then talks about how to perpetuate growth by helping more kids, help them faster and help them cheaper. Mr. Gus wonders if that will compromise the quality of their work, Aunt Grandma tells him that it's not about quality and that it's about profit. Belly Bag thought that AGI was a non-profit organization, Pizza Steve tells him who cares about that and he ask Aunt Grandma if they're going to see more money, she tells him of course as long as he does his part. Aunt Grandma tells them all if they all do their part, AGI will become an unstoppable kid helping force that will rule the entire world, she then laughs in a diabolical manner and everyone is shocked to see her act that way, she then makes it up to them by asking them if they want ice cream, and they all agree.

The Sandwich Shop Owner is going to give Uncle Grandpa one more chance to prove that he's worthy of a position at Subpar Sandwiches, he then tells him how it's going to work, he tells him that the next person who walks into that door is going to expect a top notch subpar sandwich and Uncle Grandpa is going to give him that, and if Uncle Grandpa in anyway messes up that order, he'll give Uncle Grandpa the boot and asks Uncle Grandpa if he's clear with that, Uncle Grandpa tells him that he does.

Uncle Grandpa is waiting patiently for a new customer, a customer walks in the story in a silly manner, Uncle Grandpa introduces himself as Jeff, welcomes the customer, and wonders how can he help him. The silly customer states that he wants nothing special and he'll take one cheese sandwich, doesn't matter what kind of bread, doesn't matter what kind of cheese! Uncle Grandpa begins to make the sandwich while the Sandwich Shop Owner is watching him. Uncle Grandpa puts down the bread and he puts down two slices of cheese on each piece of bread, he makes sure that the cheese is centered, the Sandwich Shop Owner likes what he sees. Uncle Grandpa then puts the two pieces of bread with cheese together and he presents a full sub sandwich with more than just cheese, this angers the silly customer and the Sandwich Shop Owner. The Sandwich Shop Owner kicks Uncle Grandpa out the back door and takes away his uniform, Uncle Grandpa sees himself as a complete failure with nothing to show for himself and nothing valuable left in his life, except for a piece of bread he found under the table. Uncle Grandpa puts away the piece of bread and hears a cat meowing in the nearby dumpster, he takes the cat out and tells it that he's probably not much help to him and he gives the cat his bread crumb. The cat instantly likes Uncle Grandpa, Uncle Grandpa tells the cat it was nothing, Uncle Grandpa then checks the nametag to see who the cat is and he sees the cat's name is "Pickles", he tells Pickles that's a good name. Uncle Grandpa hears a kid calling for Pickles around the corner and he sees Aunt Grandma and hides behind the building, Aunt Grandma gives "Pickles" to the little boy and tells him to leave a good review on the website, Uncle Grandpa notices the other cat is named Pickles too and he thinks it's an uncanny coincidence. The boy says goodbye to Aunt Grandma and tells her he loves her, Uncle Grandpa believes something fishy is going on, the kid is happy to see "Pickles" again and Uncle Grandpa runs up to him claiming to have found Pickles, the boy doesn't know what he's talking about as Aunt Grandma gave him Pickles, Uncle Grandpa shows the boy the tag and swears that he has the real Pickles. The boy tells Uncle Grandpa to get away from him, Uncle Grandpa swaps the cats and tells him that the "Pickles" he's holding isn't the real Pickles, Uncle Grandpa checks the nametag of "Pickles" and sees that it's also named Pickles. The boy tells him of course that's Pickles and Uncle Grandpa tells the boy again that this isn't is cat, Uncle Grandpa believes he knows what's going on and the boy begins to call the cops on Uncle Grandpa if he doesn't give back Pickles, Uncle Grandpa tells the kid that this isn't Pickles and he's going to prove it by ripping of the head. The fake Pickles shorts out and the boy is in terror to se his cat get disembodied, Uncle Grandpa tells the boy that the cat Aunt Grandma had wasn't really Pickles and that it was a robot. The boy is happy to have the real Pickles and thanks Uncle Grandpa, he can't believe that Aunt Grandma tried to give him a fake Pickles, he's glad again that Uncle Grandpa came around and tells Uncle Grandpa that he should do this for a living. Uncle Grandpa thanks the kid and he states that it feels good to help again. And as for the fake Pickles, he believes that it's time to meet it's maker.

At AGI, Uncle Grandpa dresses up as a kid crying for his popped balloon and asking Aunt Grandma to help him, the door opens and says that someone will assist him shortly, Uncle Grandpa happily skips in and claims to be the luckiest boy. Uncle Grandpa enters a big hallway and believes that it will take a Tiny Miracle to fix his balloon, Tiny Miracle comes in and Uncle Grandpa interrupts him to fix his balloon and Tiny Miracle thinks it'll be no problem. Uncle Grandpa tip toes around and arrives at Aunt Grandma's head office door and sees a note that says she's out to lunch. Uncle Grandpa slides onto the wall and tries to enter the code to get in, he looks over at Tiny Miracle and sees he's still trying to fix the balloon. The door asks for hand recognition and Uncle Grandpa uses a fake Aunt Grandma hand to enter knowing that it'll come in handy, he then enters the head office. Uncle Grandpa goes to her desk so he can dig up the dirt on Aunt Grandma, Uncle Grandpa looks onto the computer screen to see Aunt Grandma's evil plan to steal Pickles. Uncle Grandpa sees that this is all kinds of wrong things leaving him nowhere to begin with, Aunt Grandma tells Uncle Grandpa that he can start by not being a horrible spy, Aunt Grandma turns off the computer and reveals herself. Aunt Grandma thinks that it's fancy seeing Uncle Grandpa here, Uncle Grandpa tells her that he's not Uncle Grandpa and that he's a little boy, she tells him to stop playing dumb and ejects him from her desk. Aunt Grandma calls the gang and points out Uncle Grandpa as an intruder, Mr. Gus sees him and they all walk slowly towards Uncle Grandpa. Mr. Gus tells Uncle Grandpa that he's got a lot of nerve showing his face around here, Uncle Grandpa tells them that he had to break in and Pizza Steve thinks it's because to ruin the only good thing they have with Aunt Grandma. Uncle Grandpa tries to tell the guys that Aunt Grandma is crazy because she makes cyborgs and she's not really helping kids, Aunt Grandma calls him a liar and tries to calling him out on hacking into AGI and ruin the business and this angers the guys even more. Uncle Grandpa tries to tell them the truth and he looks for a place to hide, he jumps into the nearby closet and Aunt Grandma orders them to follow him. Mr. Gus tells Uncle Grandpa to come out and Pizza Steve tells him that he can't hide in there forever, Uncle Grandpa needs to know what he needs to do and he sees his cyborg double and know what to do now. Mr. Gus tells Uncle Grandpa to come out of the door RIGHT NOW! Aunt Grandma wants to know why it's taking so long and he's locked the door from the inside and that the hole is too small to grab him, Aunt Grandma orders them to bust it down and before Mr. Gus can do so, Uncle Grandpa pushes out the cyborg double. Pizza Steve states that he'll handle this, he takes the first punch and it makes the cyborg double to repeat what was said in the video from before. Mr. Gus becomes skeptical as Aunt Grandma tries to deactivate it, the cyborg double then continues to short out and the gang finally notices that isn't the real Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa puts his leg through the door trying to kick it open and says he's the real Uncle Grandpa, he puts it and tries again. Uncle Grandpa explains that Aunt Grandma tried to soil his good name with robots built by her, Aunt Grandma tells him good work on not being as dumb as he looks and states that for a while she had his friends eating out of the palm of her hands. The gang becomes upset and begins to call her names leading to Tiger using profound language, Aunt Grandma does explain that she may be all those things but she's also in charge of the fastest growing, most powerful corporation known to man and with or without their help, she'll become the grand ruler of the world, she then laughs manically. Uncle Grandpa tells the guys that he knew she was crazy, Aunt Grandma believes that she may be crazy but she's not alone, she then presses a button and traps them in summons cyborgs of her, she tells them that humans like them are flawed, but her cyborg arsenal of Aunt Grandma are the perfect machines to dominate the business market and also to destroy the competition and wants to start to destroy them. Uncle Grandpa tells her that she might replace them with her fancy robots and new fangled technology, but there's no replacing real friends and real love and asks for Belly Bag's opinion and he agrees with him, Uncle Grandpa thinks it's time to show these cyborgs some good old fashioned love "Uncle Grandpa Style". Belly Bag gives the gang each a weapon and Uncle Grandpa tells her that she messed with "The Grandpa", Aunt Grandma orders her cyborgs to destroy them, they all charge at each other. Uncle Grandpa knocks one out with his hammer, Pizza Steve whacks one with a mace, Tiny Miracle traps one with a plunger and shoots a bomb destroying it, Tiger slices a cyborg in the air, another cyborg attacks Mr. Gus and eats his weapon and he flicks the head off. Uncle Grandpa wants to know what Aunt Grandma thought of that, she thinks it's impressive and before she presses the button releasing another monstrosity, Uncle Grandpa shoots her remote out of her hand. Uncle Grandpa doesn't want anymore techno tricks and he tells Belly Bag to give her a taste of their genetic engineering and Belly Bag says it's on the way, Aunt Grandma doesn't thinks that's good and she makes a run to the door. Uncle Grandpa asks Aunt Grandma if she's ever had a "Frankenstein Sandwich" before, as she's running, she tells him she doesn't think she had. Uncle Grandpa gives her a taste and they all throw Frankenstein at her, before Aunt Grandma can open the door, Frankenstein collides with her leaving her defeated. Uncle Grandpa tells her that's what she gets for messing with Uncle Grandpa and his crew, he gets a crowbar and gets her unstuck, she falls on the floor and Uncle Grandpa tells her that they're going to make sure that she stays locked up for a long time, Uncle Grandpa then throws the crowbar and Frankenstein's forehead. Aunt Grandma tells him that she's not too sure about that, and that she's got more tricks up her sleeve and begins to rant about her empire, Uncle grandpa tells her to stick a sock in it and shoves a giant sock in her mouth and everyone laughs at her humiliation.

Back in the RV, Belly Bag tells Uncle Grandpa that they're all sorry for falling for Aunt Grandma's tricks, Uncle Grandpa tells them to not worry about it and pulls out a limited edition blu-ray disc with what he really thinks about them and decides to play it and set the record straight. Mr. Gus tells Uncle grandpa that it really isn't necessary, Pizza Steve still knows that he thinks that Pizza Steve is his favorite, Uncle Grandpa insists on it and inserts the disc. The video shows Uncle Grandpa about to go to bed but before he can do, he must perform his nightly ritual, Uncle Grandpa admires a picture of his friends and kisses the picture saying that they're the best. Uncle Grandpa then tells the gang that he loves them and he proceeds to hug them.

At the mental asylum, Aunt Grandma is in her padded cell and she turns to the camera revealing that she's actually a cyborg.


  • The title card music for the episode is a twisted version of the theme from Aunt Grandma.
  • Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve both state that Uncle Grandpa is their hero.
  • Aunt Grandpa has her own company called "Aunt Grandma Industries".
    • The logo theme for the company resembles the Cartoon Network logo.
      • The company also has a stock hold in the stock market.
        • This episode reveals that Aunt Grandma's business is corrupted as she designs robots and doesn't really help kids as she's set on taking over the world.
  • Uncle Grandpa states that the whole point of being Uncle Grandpa is to help people.
  • Uncle Grandpa reveals that he spent 55 years helping children.
  • Uncle Grandpa's favorite sandwich meat is tuna fish, this is also seen in Perfect Kid.
  • The Sandwich Shop Owner gives Uncle Grandpa the name "Jeff", this is similar to the "Teen Titans Go!" episode "I See You" where Starfire disguised herself as an alter ego named "The Jeff".
  • Aunt Grandma reveals that if you give people stupid perks in the work place, you can make them do anything.
  • Mr. Gus' butler Ralph Charles could reference the 1960's British Boxer of the same name.
  • This episode shows Tiger with blond hair, this is also seen in Pal.0.
  • Aunt Grandma tells the gang that her business isn't about quality, it's about profits. This is seen in todays world of businesses that show this kind of process.
  • Aunt Grandma designs all of her cyborgs, even ones to look like her and at the end of the episode it's revealed she's a cyborg herself. This could mean that the real Aunt Grandma is a mastermind and is still at large.
  • Uncle Grandpa reveals that he always says goodnight and kisses a picture of his friends as seen on a limited edition Blu-ray disc.
  • Running Gags:
    • Aunt Grandma helping children.
    • The gang riding in Aunt Grandma's car.
    • Uncle Grandpa getting covered in mud.
    • The gang getting suspicious about Aunt Grandma.
    • Uncle Grandpa messing up orders at the sandwich shop.
    • Aunt Grandma helping children.
    • Someone discussing about their performance.
    • The gang calling Aunt Grandma names.
    • The gang defeating Aunt Grandma cyborgs.
  • Errors:
    • Belly Bag appeared small when Uncle Grandpa walked into the RV, when the gang was watching the hate video, he was normal sized.
    • Frankenstein is present with the others despite that he wasn't mentioned in the hate video.
    • When Uncle Grandpa says "Cause Helping people is what Uncle Grandpa does!" he has Belly Bag attached to himself when Belly Bag left for Aunt Grandma Industries.
    • When Uncle Grandpa walks out of the closet, he's not wearing his kid costume.
    • When Aunt Grandma summons her cyborgs, she calls the gang humans which is defiantly incorrect.
      • Although this could reference Prison Break, when the alien inmates mistook Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve for humans.


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