Tiger and Mouse
Season 1, Episode 44
Tiger&MouseTitleCard Better
Premiered: December 5, 2014
Short: "Lunch Break"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Marc Ceccarelli
Ryan Kramer
Story by:
  Dave Tenneant
Peter Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Tiger and Mouse is the 44th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 1, and the 44th overall episode of the series.


An unlikely friendship between Giant Realistic Flying Tiger and a mouse threatens to destroy everything inside the RV.

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Major Characters

Minor Characters


The episode begins in Tigers Bedroom and she's watching a video about a teenage pop heart throb by the name of English Muffinz, Tiger has a crush on English Muffinz if she's like a teenage girl, and English Muffinz begin to sing on the video.


English Muffins:

Baby baby shake your boosie baby,

Baby baby bounce your bossom baby,

Blah blah baby,

baby baby!

Blah Blah baby!

Blah blah blah blah blah!

Blah blah baby,

Baby baby!

-Computer shuts down-

Tiger is shocked that the computer broke down so she hits the computer with her paw, trying to turn it back on. She notices a wire beneath the desk is torn up and a mouse is the one for the cause of the broken computer. As Tiger roars the mouse gets scared and the mouse runs all around Tiger's room until she walks out the door, Tiger tries to chase the mouse down all around the RV and the Mouse hides as a scoop of ice cream in Pizza Steve's ice cream cone. Pizza Steve notices the mouse in his ice cream cone and he throws it at Mr. Gus and Mr. Gus tries to tell them that it's just a harmless little mouse, Pizza Steve then asks Mr. Gus if he wants some moose for his mouse. The mouse then runs to the vacuum in Tiny Miracle and the mouse goes inside of Tiny Miracle and his propeller starts to turn, Tiger opens up Tiny Miracle's head to find the mouse on a running wheel and the mouse closes Tiny Miracle's head, so Tiger shakes Tiny until the mouse falls out.

The mouse yells out for help and Uncle Grandpa gets surprised that the mouse can talk and he blows up and flies towards Tiger and Mouse then Mr. Gus comes and inflates Uncle Grandpa. Uncle Grandpa says he can't stand it when people don't get along, Mouse tells Uncle Grandpa to help her and that Tiger wants to eat her. Uncle Grandpa questions why Tiger would want to eat a little mouse and he begins to lick Mouse saying that's disgusting. Mouse tells Tiger to not eat me girlfriend and Uncle Grandpa gets the idea to make Tiger and Mouse best friends so he puts them in Tiger's room and he demands them to become best friends. Mouse notices that Tiger is a fan of English Muffinz too, and Mouse says how dreamy he is, and the two begin to gossip about him, they start to talk about fashion and they start doing makeovers. They start to do girl stuff like texting makeovers, going online, and playing spin the bottle.

As Uncle Grandpa is waking in the RV, Tiger and Mouse are behind the sofa making faces at him, he finds out it was them as he goes behind the couch to see them getting along. Uncle Grandpa is sitting on the UGPS of the RV and talks to himself while eating hot dogs, the grandpa symbol shows in the sky alerting Uncle Grandpa that some kid needs his help, he crashes into the drivers seat but the RV isn't starting because someone chewed through the wires in the engine. Uncle Grandpa asks Mr. Gus if he knew who cut the engine wires, he said probably the same one who ate all the food in the fridge, Pizza Steve enters the room panicking about how someone ate his cheese, Tiny Miracle then questions who made the living room a giant nest. Mouse is teaching Tiger how to chew her own door in any wall, then they go back to her room so Mouse could teach her more stuff she knows. Uncle Grandpa has to find away to make them enemies to stop them from destroying the RV.

In Tiger's room Mouse is telling Tiger that she doesn't have to use a litter box anymore and that the world is her bathroom then Uncle Grandpa asks if they like surprises and tells them to follow him a surprise they're going to love. Uncle Grandpa asks them if they're ready for this surprise and they're excited for it, the elevator won't open since someone has chewed through the electrical system and Mouse begins to laugh about it. Uncle Grandpa pulls the doors open to reveal English Muffinz behind the door, Tiger and Mouse are love-struck to see that it was English Muffins and Uncle Grandpa tells the girls that English Muffinz wants to spend the night with only one of them and he tells them to decide who should go.

Tiger suggests to share him but Mouse doesn't want to share him and she'd rather just go with out Tiger, Mouse questions why should she share him with her, Tiger said because they're friends, Mouse said that she's been a friend of English Muffins longer than she even known her, Tiny Miracle said "ooh that's cold" and Uncle Grandpa shhhes him. Mouse claims that this "friendship" is over and why should she waste time with these phony girls always trying to take what's hers. Uncle Grandpa tells Tiger to not let her talk to her like that, then Tiger tries to stop Mouse, Mouse bites on Tiger's paw, Mouse climbs on top of Tiger and she pulls one of her whiskers, Tiger grabs Mouse and she throws her at a wall, Mouse chews a mouse hole in the wall and they both continue to fight.

Pizza Steve gets his cheese taken off in the cross fight, Tiger can't find Mouse but Mouse chews a hole through the floor under Tiger causing her to fall, Mouse then continues to try to go on that date with English Muffinz, but Tiger Flies out of the floor, as Mouse is in the air heading towards Tiger she gets caught in Tiger's mouth and Tiger tosses her in the air and farts Mouse across the city in a rainbow explosion. An old lady asks did something just explode and her husband said it was probably just a mouse or something. Uncle Grandpa is sorry for what happened with Mouse but she was just a bad influence on Tiger, but on the bright side Tiger gets to go on the date with English Muffinz, as Uncle Grandpa is undoing the cuffs on English Muffinz, English Muffinz makes a run for it, and Uncle Grandpa says that we have a runner, and Tiger goes after English Muffins.


  • This episode is a parody of Tom and Jerry, while it's title is a parody of the phrase "Cat And Mouse"
  • Mouse is voiced by E.G. Daily who is also very prominent for providing the voices of Tommy Pickles from "The Rugrats", Rudy Tabootie from "ChalkZone" and Buttercup from "The Powerpuff Girls."
  • Tiny Miracle is wearing a propeller beanie in this episode as opposed to his hat.
  • Eric, Kev and Belly Kid make cameos in this episode.
    • They also have Facehole accounts.
  • Facehole is a parody of Facebook.

The engine for the RV in this episode is just a car battery with a fan.

  • The Grandpa symbol is a parody of the Batman Symbol.
  • Uncle Grandpa kidnapped English Muffinz and held him in handcuffs.
  • Tiger's curfew is 5:00AM.
  • Uncle Grandpa never helped the kid who signaled him.
  • This is the last episode of 2014.
  • Running Gags:
    • Someone saying "it's just a harmless little mouse".
    • Tiger and Mouse falling in love for English Muffinz.
    • Someone listening to English Muffinz.
    • Mouse Eating through wires.
    • Mouse causing damage in the RV.
    • Pizza Steve having his cheese taken off.
  • Errors:
    • Tiny Miracle has a hatch opening on the side of his head that wasn't visible before.
    • Mouse doesn't talk at all before she screams for help.




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