Uncle Caveman
Season 1, Episode 50
Premiered: February 12, 2015
Short: "Weird Man"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Myke Chilian
Casey Alexander
David Gemmill
Kenny Pittenger
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Tom Kauffman
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Uncle Caveman is the 24th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 2, and the 50th overall episode of the series.


In prehistoric times, Uncle Grandpa must save his new friend, Mr. Gus.

Character Appearances

Major Characters

Minor Characters


Three cavemen are sleeping in their cave when all of a sudden one of the cavemen gets hungry and his stomach starts to rumble. A skull falls down and it hits all cavemen waking them up, they all wake up to find out that they're all hungry. One of the cavemen goes to the table and he finds no food there, he throws a bone at the trashcan in anger and a fly flies out and this grabs his attention along with the other cavemen. As soon as the three cavemen prepared to kill the fly, an RV made out of stone appears through the wall leaving a hole for the fly to escape and this angers the cavemen.

A prehistoric version of Uncle Grandpa pokes his head out from his cave opening and goes into a stance as if he's ready to fight the cavemen, he runs towards the cavemen until a stalagmite grabs hold of his head and brings it back, causing him to speak English.

He states that it feels much better and he walks towards the cavemen to say hello, they all yell at him saying that they're hungry, Uncle Caveman can see their dilemma and he asks Belly Bone to give him three of his finest Roast Weasel Hunches, and Belly Bone proceeds to do so. The three cavemen are astonished to see the roasted meat and are ready to dig in, just as Uncle Caveman begins to handover the roasts, he eats them and this make the cavemen mad enough to want to kill Uncle Caveman. Uncle Caveman tells the cavemen that he's sure that Belly Bone has more weasel hunch and Belly Bone states that he's all out, Uncle Caveman tells the other cavemen that he'll cook up a nice breakfast for them. Uncle Caveman looks out the window in search for something to cook and he sees an egg, he tries to reach for it but it's too far away. Uncle Caveman calls for a colossal Uncle Caveman to help him get the egg and the colossal Uncle Caveman does so.

When Uncle Caveman tries to cook the egg, a green newborn dinosaur hatches and falls into the pot. The newborn asks what just happened, Uncle Caveman tells him that he's just been born and Congratulations! The newborn doesn't seem too impressed about it though. Uncle Caveman introduces himself to the newborn and names him "Breakfast", Breakfast is confused about his name and Uncle Caveman asks him if he can smell all the flavors from his flesh that's roasting for the hunger of the three hungry cavemen. Uncle Caveman proceeds to boil Breakfast and he pulls out a giant stone spatula and tells Breakfast that it's time to flip him over, Breakfast refuses that to happen and he smashes Uncle Caveman with the spatula and runs for it.

Uncle Caveman tells Breakfast to come back and Breakfast tells him to stop calling him that, Breakfast hijacks the Stone RV and drives off, this angers the other cavemen and Uncle Caveman promises to catch Breakfast for them, he then dashes off after Breakfast. Inside the Stone RV, Breakfast is not finding that the square tires don't make for a smooth ride, Uncle Caveman tells Breakfast that it's a shame that he'll devoured by hungry cavemen because he makes an excellent driver, Breakfast tells Uncle Caveman that he'll be able to drive better if he was able to see through the windshield and Uncle Caveman considers it. The Stone RV crashes out of the side of a mountain and shatters on the ground, Breakfast makes a run for it when he's on the ground.

Uncle Caveman states that Breakfast runs pretty fast for a newborn and Breakfast questions what the heck is he riding on, Uncle Caveman informs Breakfast that it's his Giant Realistic Saber Tooth Tiger, Breakfast wonders why Uncle Caveman is chasing him while he can just cook Tiger. Uncle Caveman tells Breakfast that she's his best friend and he has one rule that he lives by and that he doesn't cook his friends. Breakfast then questions why don't they become friends, Uncle Caveman finds that silly to be friends with food, he compares it to being friends with a slice of pizza. A dinosaur that under them questions what's Breakfast's problem with getting eaten, he states that it's the cycle of life and that Breakfast should deal with it.

Breakfast then falls into a lake and he tries to dodge all of the nearby predators that try to eat him. Pizza Steve makes his cameo and then he gets eaten by a Nautilus, and then by the clam. Uncle Caveman is surprised that Breakfast can swim too, a Mammoth Uncle Caveman brings Breakfast to the surface and Breakfast bites his trunk to break free, the Mammoth Uncle Caveman then throws Breakfast onto the back of a Stegosaurus. Uncle Caveman comes from nowhere and he yells at Breakfast that he's going to catch him now and they both begin to run around the Stegosaurus' back plates. Breakfast tells Uncle Caveman to get out of his hair and he falls of the Stegosaurus' tail and locks himself in there, Uncle Caveman then presses the up button to launch Breakfast into the air.

Breakfast grabs hold of a Pterodactyl's tail and Uncle Caveman tells him what are the odds that they're on the same flight, an airplane steward tell Uncle Caveman that they're all out of pretzels and this bums him out. Breakfast tells Uncle Caveman that there has to be something else that he can feed to the dumb cavemen, Uncle Caveman suggests like what, and Breakfast isn't sure and he tells Uncle Caveman that if he stops chasing him he can help Uncle Caveman figure something. This excites Uncle Caveman and he thanks Breakfast by trying to kiss him, Breakfast tries to make him stop and the Pterodactyl see them kissing and it grosses him out, so he kicks them off of his tail.

The two are in the middle of a tar pit and the hungry cavemen are at the shore waiting for Breakfast, one of the cavemen throws his spear at them and Breakfast protects Uncle Caveman from getting hit. Uncle Caveman thinks that Breakfast will make for a super tough body guard, Breakfast states not if the cavemen eats him first and suggests that they make a run for it. Breakfast grabs hold of a log and burns it into a decoy, Uncle Caveman is surprised that dinosaurs can breath fire. Breakfast states that he'll post as a caveman that'll distract customs long enough to get their passports, and then they skip town for six months, Breakfast stops mid sentence to see that Uncle Caveman ate the decoy. Uncle Caveman apologizes for eating the decoy and he asks Breakfast if he can make another decoy with the small chunks left. Breakfast believes that there's nothing that they can do now, and Uncle Caveman states that is there? and Breakfast is waiting for him to finish what he was going to say, Uncle Caveman didn't know so he was asking Breakfast. Breakfast has an idea to get themselves out of this and then the two both go to shore.

Uncle Caveman tells the cavemen that he know that he promised a nice dinosaur earlier and that now he's got something even better and a whole lot sweeter, he then presents delicious dino-nuggets which is a healthy alternative to dinosaur meat and to add more flavor they can dip a nugget in tar-tar sauce. He feeds on of the cavemen and he becomes satisfied along with the other cavemen, Uncle Caveman allows them to dig in, Breakfast wonders if they'll ever find out that there's no nutritional value in it, Uncle Caveman tells him that the more they eat the less they'll think about it and this gives him an idea.

The two had opened a fast food chain titled "McDinos" and a caveman is ordering two dino-nuggets, he shoves the food in his face and it disgusts the cashier. Breakfast is cooking more nuggets and Uncle Caveman walks in glad that they both are friends for life and that Breakfast convinced him not to cook him. Breakfast told him that's not his name anymore, Uncle Caveman sees that his name is actually Mr. Gus and that it's been like that all this time, another dinosaur is wondering why everyone keeps calling him Breakfast. Uncle Caveman thinks that it's much more better to take him seriously since he's not named after a meal, and that is why he let Mr. Gus make all the important decisions at the restaurant. Mr. Gus thanks Uncle Caveman and he tells Uncle Caveman that they should expand the menu, Uncle Cave states that he already made that decision without him by installing a Snow Cone Machine and it's the most powerful one on the market. Uncle Caveman snaps the lever on the Snow Cone Machine and it freezes everything and the Earth into an Ice Age.


  • The title card music is from Jorts.
  • This episode proves that Uncle Grandpa had existed since the dinosaur ages.
  • Uncle Caveman had his own prehistoric RV.
  • The UC RV has square wheels and a stone windshield, hinting that glass and the wheel have not been invented yet.
  • Uncle Caveman learned modern English from a stalactite.
  • Uncle Caveman is responsible for bringing Breakfast into the world.
  • This is the second time Pizza Steve was eaten, the first time was in The History of Wrestling where he was eaten by Ric Flair.
  • Pizza Steve broke the fourth wall during his cameo.
  • In the episode Uncle Caveman and Mr. Gus parody the fast food chain McDonald's, Mr. Gus wonders if there's any nutritional value and Uncle Caveman said that the more they eat the less they think about it and they open a fast food joint just like McDonald's.
  • This is the second episode to take place in a different time period, the first being 1992 Called.
    • First being taken place entirely in another time period.
  • Running Gags:
    • The three cavemen stating they're hungry.
    • Uncle Caveman catching up with Breakfast.
    • People getting uncomfortable when Uncle Caveman does something romantic.
  • Errors:
    • The cave at the beginning of the episode shows a window, from the outside there is no window.
    • Breakfast is a newborn, he immediately learned English and is able to run no problem.
    • The hill Breakfast runs up is shown as a hill until it changes to a dinosaur being eaten.
    • Uncle Caveman mentions pizza despite it not being invented yet.
    • At the end of the episode it shows that the ice age started in South America, when historically the ice age started in the northern hemisphere.
      • This also shows that there's a civilization in South America, the earliest known evidence of civilizations in the Americas are dated after the ice age.




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