Uncle Easter
Season 3, Episode 4
Uncle Easter Title Card HD
Premiered: March 25, 2016
Short: "Slice of Life with Pizza Steve: Mutant Pizza"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Andy Gonsalves
Jason Reicher
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Andy Gonsalves
Jason Reicher
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Uncle Easter is the 4th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 3, and the 82nd episode overall of the series. This is the first Easter special of the series.


When the Easter Bunny is unable to fulfill his duties, Uncle Grandpa steps in to help with egg-delivery.

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Uncle Grandpa is lying down eating nachos while the phone rings next to him, Mr. Gus expects him to get it but Uncle grandpa is too busy eating his nachos, so Mr. Gus has to stop doing the dishes and pick up the phone. Mr. Gus picks up the phone and gives it to Uncle Grandpa saying it's for him, then Uncle Grandpa picks up the phone. The Easter Bunny is on the other line and Uncle Grandpa says hello, The Easter Bunny tells Uncle Grandpa that he's having trouble with the cable company and that they're driving him crazy, Uncle Grandpa displeases of the cable company as well. The Easter Bunny rants about how he's been on a waiting lists for seven months and they finally called and scheduled an appointment on Easter Sunday and the bad part is that they give themselves a eight hour window to show up on Easter and this angers him as he has to stay at home all day and wonders how Easter is supposed to happen and there's no way that he's going to get through another week without premium sports channels. The Easter bunny asks Uncle Grandpa a big favor and asks if he can fill in for him tomorrow and uncle Grandpa agrees, the Easter Bunny is happy and tells Uncle Grandpa to spring by to get him all set up, Uncle Grandpa thinks it sounds good.

At the Easter Bunny's home, there is a trailer connected to the RV, The Easter Bunny is very happy for Uncle Grandpa helping him out and tells him he owns him one and gives him a chocolate bunny. The Easter Bunny raises the trailer door and begins to show Uncle Grandpa all the goods, he tells him that the trailer carries 1000 Easter egg crates with each egg carrying a chocolate bunny inside for all the children of the world, it took eleven months to make. The Easter Bunny tells Uncle Grandpa that delivering all the eggs should be easy on account of him knowing where all the children live, the only bad part is that you'd have to get up extra early to make good time, precisely at 4 in the morning. Uncle Grandpa tells the Easter Bunny that he's got Easter all under control and he thinks Uncle Grandpa is the tops.

Mr. Gus is siting in the passenger seat as Uncle Grandpa enters and eats another Easter Bunny, Mr. Gus asks him if he's ready to roll and Uncle Grandpa is totally ready. Uncle Grandpa looks at the list of countries and sees the first stop is Sweden, Uncle Grandpa grabs on the lever to go to Sweden but accidentally releases the trailer full of Easter eggs, after they notice the trailer has been released, the two run out of the RV and chase after it. The trailer rolls down into the water and Mr. Gus wonders what are they going to do now, Uncle Grandpa tells him to wait for the trailer to raise back up and it does, he tells him that they're still good until the trailer explodes in the water. Mr. Gus states that they're not good anymore and Uncle Grandpa tells him it's time for plan B, Mr. Gus wonders what's plan B and Uncle Grandpa answers "Space".

The RV leaves Earth and Uncle Grandpa sings a song about space. Lyrics:

Space, Space, Go to Space!

Space, Space, Space is a Good, Good Place!

Space, Space, Space, Space, Space,

Space, SPACE!

Pizza Steve wants to know where they're headed and Uncle Grandpa tells him space. The RV lands on a foreign planet, Uncle Grandpa steps out the RV and breathes in the fresh space air, he sniffs around and tells them to go this way. Mr. Gus demands Uncle Grandpa to explain why they're sniffing around on a foreign planet in the middle of the galaxy, they stop at a bush a nd Uncle Grandpa presents them the Easter Egg Planet and the guys are in shock. Uncle Grandpa tells them that there are Easter eggs as far as the eye can see, all ready colored and ready to go. Mr. Gus is impressed but he speculates that once they deliver these eggs, they'll hatch creepy alien monster babies that will take over the Earth and destroy all of humanity. Uncle Grandpa tells him that he's insulted and tells him that he would never ever terrorize the children of the world with alien monsters, he reveals that there's only chocolate bunnies in the eggs, he tells Mr. Gus to try it, Mr. Gus thinks it's good while Uncle Grandpa explains how it's premium space chocolate that's the best in the galaxy. Uncle Grandpa tells the guys that they have to collect 6 billion of the eggs and place them in the giant conveniently placed Easter basket, he tells them they better get started. Uncle Grandpa walks and proceeds to collect the eggs one by one, Belly believes that he can help, Uncle Grandpa tells him to pick them up one at a time, Belly Bag vacuums them all up instead and barf the eggs into the basket.

The RV drives through space and Uncle Grandpa believes that Easter is back on schedule, the RV stops due to space traffic and Uncle Grandpa freaks out as he believes that they can be there all day, Mr. Gus doesn't think it's good either considering they only have a few hours left to deliver the eggs, Uncle Grandpa believes that they're going to need to take a little short cut, he pulls a lever down and the RV rises to a hole. Mr. Gus yells at Uncle Grandpa asking if he's crazy for deciding to take the Radiation Mutation Belt which is the most dangerous road in the Universe, Uncle Grandpa agrees and tells him that it's also the quickest way back to Earth. Mr. Gus tries to tell him that doesn't he realize how many people have been killed going through that thing, Uncle Grandpa tells him that he's taken it millions of times and there's nothing wrong with him (his face distorts), he tries to tell him that if they don't take it Easter won't happen. Mr. Gus puts on a hazmat suit saying he won't take any chances, Uncle Grandpa goes through the Mutation Belt as the RV gets hammered with radiation. The RV arrives at Earth, Mr. Gus pants heavily while Uncle Grandpa tells him that there's nothing to worry about. Pizza Steve enters all mutated and huge and he want's to know what was that crazy tunnel that they just went through, Uncle Grandpa tells him that there's no time to explain and Pizza Steve goes to go take a power nap. Mr. Gus looks at Uncle Grandpa and he says to hold that thought because now they have to deliver the eggs.

Uncle Grandpa stops by each house after another delivering the eggs by leaving them by the door, he goes through China, France, Egypt, Italy, and eventually the rest of the world.

Uncle Grandpa returns to the RV all tired and Mr. Gus wishes him a happy Easter, he asks him if he delivered all the eggs, Uncle Grandpa did all except one and he gives the last egg to him. The egg hatches and a alien monster chocolate bunny baby that grew at an alarming rate. Mr. Gus wonders what the heck is that and the radio explains that giant chocolate bunnies are terrorizing people all over the globe, Uncle Grandpa then changes the channel. The chocolate rabbit roars and Uncle Grandpa and Mr. Gus runs towards the back of the RV as the rabbit chases them. Mr. Gus told him that going through the Radiation Mutation Belt was a bad idea as the eggs hatched into something horrible and that every kid on Earth had one, and Uncle Grandpa apologies. Uncle Grandpa opens a door leading downwards and into a desert room, through the desert room the guys get hot and Uncle Grandpa offers water to Mr. Gus and then to the chocolate rabbit. They run up to a new room and Uncle Grandpa decides to hide in the Igloo room, Mr. Gus tries to say that they'll get frozen stiff in there, Uncle Grandpa struggles and Belly Bag hands him the phone with the Easter Bunny on the other line. The Easter Bunny is saying that THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS and Uncle Grandpa tries to tell him that he can explain, the Easter Bunny states that the cable company called and said that they're not coming for another 4 hours, Uncle Grandpa tells him he deserves better. Mr. Gus pulls hard on the door breaking it open, the cold air from the Igloo room freezes the chocolate bunny into a normal chocolate bunny. Mr. Gus states that there's 6 billion of these things running around and wonders how they're going to freeze each and every one of them. Uncle Grandpa tells him that they just freeze the planet and Mr. Gus wonders how they're going to do that, Uncle Grandpa replies with "Space".

At the North pole, Uncle Grandpa ties a grappling hook onto the back of the RV connecting to the North Pole, the RV goes into Space and pulls the Earth away from the Sun freezing the entire planet and everyone on it, the rabbits freeze and turn to normal. The RV brings the Earth back close to the sun and thaws out with everyone on it, Mr. Gus is happy to see it worked and Uncle Grandpa tells him there's still one last thing they have to do, he aims the RV back down to Earth and crashes into a chocolate rabbit telling him to dig in.

The cable man fixes the Easter Bunny's TV and he hops into his chair and turns on the TV to see if he missed anything, Jaw hairline tells how everyone had an unforgettable Easter, he goes on to tell how the Easter Bunny is going to be held accountable of 200 billion dollars of Easter related damages and face severe jail time. The Easter Bunny is shocked and he decides to call the cable company to cancel his service.


  • This is the first Easter Special of the series
  • The Easter Bunny is voiced by Regis Philbin.
  • The Easter Bunny has the similar job of Uncle Grandpa and Santa Claus as they all visit children around the world.
  • In many other episodes, Uncle Grandpa needed a space helmet to walk around celestial bodies, he breaks this rule by breathing "air" on the Easter Egg Planet.
  • It is unknown how the Easter eggs were formed on the Easter Egg Planet or how they got there.
  • Mr. Gus foreshadows the rest of the episode when he thought the eggs were going to hatch monster alien babies.
  • Since the Radiation Mutation Belt is the most dangerous road in the Universe, this reveals how Uncle Grandpa can distort his face in many episodes as a result of taking this road millions of times.
    • The Radiation Mutation Belt not only can increase someone's size and strength, it also gives someone three eyes. This effect doesn't happen to Uncle Grandpa for an unknown reason.
  • When Uncle Grandpa visits Egypt, he gives an egg to a mummy, this part of the episode references Uncle Grandpa Ate My Homework!.
  • The Igloo Room shows to reveal that it can turn anyone frozen stiff.
  • The Arora Borealis is seen in the North Pole.
  • Elements of Christmas like the North Pole and Santa are seen and heard, like in the Christmas episodes, Spring and Easter is mentioned and seen.
  • In the News:
    • July 31st is declared National Dinosaur Day.
    • Frankenstein Juice recall - Frankenstein angry.
    • Foreign Madman acquires doomsday missile.
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa eating chocolate bunnies.
    • Uncle Grandpa suggesting space to solve their problems.
    • The Earth being seen throughout the episode. It was seen 4 times.
  • Errors:
    • The Earth constantly changes appearance through out the episode.
    • Uncle Grandpa tells the guys that they need to collect 6 billion eggs for the children of Earth, in reality there's only 1 billion children on earth, although he could've meant the population of Earth although the amount of everyone on Earth would add up to 7 billion people.
    • The evil chocolate bunny should've at least melted in the Desert Room.
    • Santa's Workshop is absent when the North Pole is seen.
    • Uncle Grandpa tied the Earth to the RV from the North Pole, until in space, the rope ties to Africa.
      • When the Earth gets turned around going back to the Sun, the Americas should've been showing instead of Eurasia and Africa.
        • The rope is now attached to Australia instead of Africa.




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