Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa
Season 5, Episode 11
Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa Title Card
Premiered: June 22, 2017
Short: "None"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Andy Gonsalves
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Audie Harrison
Pete Browngardt
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Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa is the 11th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 5, and the 141st episode overall of the series.


Uncle Grandpa is in trouble; if only he could call an Uncle Grandpa for help.

Character Appearances

Major Characters

Minor Characters


Mr. Gus is happy to see that he finally finished cleaning the entire RV and says it was worth two strait weeks of cleaning, Mr. Gus is shocked to see mud shooting from the door and Uncle Grandpa enters with a mud goblin attacking him, the entire RV gets covered in mud as a result, Uncle Grandpa continues to fight the mud goblin and tells him it's time to meet his biggest fan and proceeds to kick it into the ceiling fan, splattering mud everywhere. Mr. Gus begins to hyperventilate while Uncle Grandpa sits on the couch to relax, Mr. Gus wants him to explain his mess and Uncle Grandpa tells him that little Jessie down the street needed help peeling an orange and long story short, they ended on the wrong side of the black mud mountains where it's a hostile territory infested an army of mud goblins who chased them to the ends of the Earth. Mr. Gus believes that Jessie is at home eating a freshly peeled orange and Uncle Grandpa tells him that she's neck deep in the black swamp of darkness and there was nothing he could do, Mr. Gus tells him that he'd better get his but back to that swamp before night fall, Uncle Grandpa said he'll take care of it but right now he has a much bigger problem. Uncle Grandpa shakes off the mud off of him and shows Mr. Gus his new underwear and they're way too tight, Uncle Grandpa tells him that it's awful and that they're permanently wedged in his but and he tries to take them off and fails.

Pizza Steve enters the RV and he sees Uncle Grandpa trying to take off his underwear, Uncle Grandpa sees Pizza Steve and he tells him his problem and asks him how would he handle a problem like this, he tells him if he wasn't hardwired to be flawless all the time he'd do what everyone else with a problem would do and ask Uncle Grandpa for help. Uncle Grandpa tells him that he's Uncle Grandpa and he doesn't have the answer and he wishes that he had an Uncle Grandpa, a giant Uncle Grandpa then bursts through and Uncle Grandpa wants to know who he is and he tells him that he's his Uncle Grandpa, Uncle Grandpa wonders that he has an Uncle Grandpa and he tells him uh-huh and he goes along with it. Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa asks Uncle Grandpa what seems to be the problem and Uncle Grandpa tells him that he bought this pair of underwear and now he can't get them off, Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa thinks it's the easiest thing in the world and all they have to do is to loosen them up, Uncle Grandpa asks him with what and he tells him two words, grease.

Uncle Grandpa tells his Uncle Grandpa tells him that this relaxing vacation in Greece defiantly loosened him up and tells him that his underwear is still to tight, Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa said that he's got this all wrong and that they don't need the country Greece and that they need pizza grease.

Back at the RV, Pizza Steve gets mad because they need his pizza grease, Pizza Steve explains himself until Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa grabs him and asks if he's ready, Pizza Steve tells him ABSOLUTELY NOT! and Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa brings him closer to Uncle Grandpa's butt, Pizza Steve screams as Mr. Gus laughs at him. Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa thanks Pizza Steve for his service and places him down on the floor and he is scared, Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa tells Uncle Grandpa that his underwear should be slippery enough now and Uncle Grandpa tries to take off his underwear and he can't seem to get a grip of it. Uncle Grandpa then tells his Uncle Grandpa that they're too slippery to take off and he tells him that they can offset the pizza grease with an anti-greasing agent and in this case he's talking about mustard. Mr. Gus comes in and tells them that they're not making a big with mustard now and that he just finished cleaning all the RV all over again, Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa tells him that they won't, Mr. Gus then says alright and cleans Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa's face of grease and walks off.

Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa then asks his Belly Bag if he still has his mustard hydrant and he tells him that it must-ard be in here somewhere, Uncle Grandpa thought it was funny and they both laugh at it, the mustard hydrant is out and Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa gets down to work and unleashes a stream of mustard causing Uncle Grandpa to fly to the back of the RV getting dowsed with mustard. The RV fills up with mustard as Mr. Gus watches the whole thing and Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa turns off the hydrant, Uncle Grandpa falls off the wall covered in mustard and he asks Uncle Grandpa to try and take off his underwear now, Uncle Grandpa tries to take them off and he tells his Uncle Grandpa that the mustard didn't work.

Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa says ok and decides to try ketchup, he tells his Belly Bag that it's time for the ketchup fire hose and Belly Bag gives it to him, Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa tells him to let it rip and Uncle Grandpa gets shot with a powerful stream of ketchup. Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa is creating a mess with ketchup everywhere and he stops the hose, he then tells Uncle Grandpa to try it now and Uncle Grandpa says that they're still stuck. Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa is disappointed to see that they're still stuck and that he's all out of ideas and Uncle Grandpa is worried that he's going to be stuck in his underwear forever and his Uncle Grandpa supposes so, he tells him that he's great at solving these types of problems and he tells him that his Uncle Grandpa let him down and apologizes.

A voice is then heard saying that maybe he can help, they both look over to see a tiny Uncle Grandpa come through the door, Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa wants to know who he is, Uncle Grandpa thinks that he has two Uncle Grandpas and he tells him no and that he has only one Uncle Grandpa, he then tells him that he's Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa. Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa wonders that he has an Uncle Grandpa and his Uncle Grandpa tells him uh-huh, he then climbs him and asks him what's the problem, he tells him that Uncle Grandpa's underwear won't come off and that they tried grease, mustard, and ketchup and none of it worked, Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa tells him there's one thing left to try now and it's relish.

They then try to use relish and it floods the RV, Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve escape to the roof, Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa tells Uncle Grandpa that his underwear should slide off now and he tries to take to take them off but it doesn't work. Mr. Gus thinks that this is getting out of hand and Pizza Steve agrees with him and wonders what are they going to try next and he says BBQ sauce, the Uncle Grandpas then try BBQ sauce and it didn't work either. Mr. Gus thinks that it's time for an intervention.

Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa thinks they should start all over and use mustard ad only this time they use the spicy kind and Uncle Grandpa thinks it sounds great, Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve enter and Mr. Gus tells him that they need to talk, and in private and asks if the Uncle Grandpas mind and they don't and they continue to stand there. Mr. Gus grabs hold of Uncle Grandpa and he brings him to the other side of the RV to tell him that his Uncle Grandpa and his Uncle Grandpa have got to go, Pizza Steve adds that they're ruining the RV, Uncle Grandpa tells them that they're helping him with his underwear and Mr. Gus wonders how's that working out for him and Uncle Grandpa is clueless as Pizza Steve tells him that it ain't working! Uncle Grandpa believes that he's right and Mr. Gus tells him that's why he needs to get those clowns out of the RV, Uncle Grandpa then stands up for himself and tells him that those clowns are his Uncle Grandpa and his respected Uncle Grandpa and Uncle Grandpas stick together until problems are solved and he runs back to them. Uncle Grandpa asks what's next and they try blueberry syrup and it didn't work, Mr. Gus tells Pizza Steve that he knows how to handle this.

Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa then suggests they used mayonnaise and his Uncle Grandpa wants to try that, Mr. Gus tells them that mayo won't work and that he know what can do the trick, Uncle Grandpa tells him that if it were suggested by an Uncle Grandpa then maybe and he wants to move onto the mayonnaise, his Uncle Grandpa states that 100 of king sized bottles would do the trick. Mr. Gus then claims to be all of their Uncle Grandpas and they all are shocked, Uncle Grandpa believes him and tells him that they'll do whatever he says.

The RV backs up to Uncle Grandpa and Mr. Gus tells him to hug the tree next to him and he does so, Uncle Grandpa wonders now what and Mr. Gus tells him that he's going to muscle the underwear right off and tells Uncle Grandpa whatever he does to not let go of the tree, he then tells Uncle Grandpa's Uncle Grandpa to step on it, he steps on the gas and Mr. Gus starts to pull off the underwear. As the RV continues forward, Mr. Gus holds on until the tree is uprooted and the RV is launched into the mud swamp, Jessie thinks that Uncle Grandpa came back to save her and Uncle Grandpa tells her he did and only if he can save himself from his stupid underwear and thinks that it's no use. Uncle Grandpa looks over and sees his underwear floating in the swamp water and he's happy to see that his underwear finally came off. Mr. Gus opens the hatch on the roof and tells him that the RV engine is completely flooded and it looks like they're stuck down here and Uncle Grandpa thinks it's nothing he can't fix, Mr. Gus tells them that he's not all of their Uncle Grandpa and he just said that to stop the RV from becoming a giant mess and thinks his idea backfired.

Mr. Gus then wonders if only he had an Uncle Grandpa to get them all out of here, he hears a voice that tells him he does and he's shocked to see who it is. A giant Mr. Gus Uncle Grandpa then puts the RV back on the cliff edge and Uncle Grandpa believes that everything turned alright at the end and now wonders how are they going to clean up all the stinky swamp sludge Mr. Gus Uncle Grandpa tries mustard and Uncle Grandpa tells him the mustard didn't work and Mr. Gus Uncle Grandpa wants to try ketchup next.


  • This episode's quote is "Is there a foot doctor in the house?".
  • Mr. Gus had cleaned the RV for 2 weeks straight only for Uncle Grandpa to dirty it up.
  • Uncle Grandpa bought new underwear that was too tight for him.
  • Pizza Steve entering the RV to see Uncle Grandpa doing something weird was just like how it happened in Hiccup Havok.
  • This episode shows that Uncle Grandpa has his own Uncle Grandpa and that his Uncle Grandpa has a Uncle Grandpa too, and Mr. Gus has his own Uncle Grandpa.
  • List of condiments used:
    • Pizza grease
    • Mustard
    • Ketchup
    • Relish
    • BBQ sauce
    • Blueberry syrup
    • Mayo (Almost Used)
  • Although Uncle Grandpa is supposed to be everyone in the world's Uncle Grandpa, Mr. Gus has his own Uncle Grandpa although this was just another Uncle Grandpa made to look like him.
  • Three could be an endless line of Uncle Grandpas for Uncle Grandpa, and even that there could be an Uncle Grandpa version for everyone and thing in the world.
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa dirtying the RV with mud.
    • The Uncle Grandpas using different condiments to help Uncle Grandpa gets his underwear off.
    • Mr. Gus cleaning the RV.
    • Uncle Grandpa trying to take off his underwear.
  • Errors:
    • When the scene changes to Mr. Gus breathing heavily and covered in mud, there's no mud on the wall behind him.


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