Uncle Grandpa Ate My Homework!
Season 1, Episode 9
Uncle Grandpa Ate My Homework
Premiered: October 7, 2013
Short: Tiny Miracle the Robot Boy
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Dominic Bisignano
Luke Brookshier
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Peter Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Uncle Grandpa Ate My Homework! is the 9th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 1, and the 9th overall episode of the series.


After Uncle Grandpa eats Dennis' diorama of the Pyramids in Egypt, he brings Dennis on a crazy adventure to help make up for it.

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The episode begins with Dennis finishing up the last touches on his diorama about Egypt. As soon as he's finished, he shuts off the kitchen light and turns to walk away. Not a second after he turns away, a loud crash is heard in the kitchen. Dennis immediately checks to see what it is, and he sees The UG RV crashed through his kitchen. He looks over and sees Uncle Grandpa sitting next to his diorama, picking out pieces and eating them. This enrages Dennis, as he yells for Uncle Grandpa to stop. Uncle Grandpa does not understand what's wrong.

Dennis finally gives up and accepts that all his work is destroyed. He tells Uncle Grandpa how he's going to have to go to summer school, and his only chance of getting out of summer school was the diorama. Uncle Grandpa finally understands what's going on and offers to help Dennis get a new diorama. At first, Dennis is skeptical, but Uncle Grandpa reveals that he could get him an A+++++-+ in the class. Dennis decides he has nothing to lose and decides to go along with him.

Uncle Grandpa tells Dennis that he is going to get him a real Egyptian pyramid to bring to class. Belly Bag summons a sarcophagus elevator. After a bit of hesitation and thinking (and Dennis yelling at Uncle Grandpa to choose the correct button), Uncle Grandpa transports them to Egypt. Once in Egypt, Uncle Grandpa points out the pyramid Dennis will be taking home for the project. Since it's too big to carry on their own, Uncle Grandpa summons Mr. Gus, Pizza Steve, and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger to help them get the pyramid to Dennis's school.

They trek all around the world and finally get it back to Dennis's school. Unfortunately for Dennis, the pyramid is wrecked and it took one light touch from Uncle Grandpa to destroy it. This angers Dennis, but also makes him accept defeat even more as he walks to class with shame.

Dennis walks into Mrs. Numty's class and explains to her what happened and why he does not have the diorama. During his story, he reiterates what he knows of Egyptian culture, including the "Mummy's Curse". Mrs. Numty passes this story off as a "lame excuse". This reiteration of the curse, however, summons the mummy from within the broken pile of rubble that was once a pyramid. When Uncle Grandpa sees this, he deduces he can use the mummy to scare the teacher. Belly Bag reminds him that they can scare the teacher into giving Dennis an A+++++-+ in the class. Uncle Grandpa tells the mummy that he woke him up and has the mummy chase after him.

After a crazy chase within the school building, Uncle Grandpa makes it to Dennis's class. Uncle Grandpa greets the children and asks them if they like mummies. They all say "we do" and immediately the mummy bursts in ready to attack. Mrs. Numty cowers to the corner of the classroom scared for her life. She makes a deal with Dennis that if he can get rid of the mummy then he can pass her class. Uncle Grandpa helps Dennis defeat the mummy by eating up his wrappings like as if it were spaghetti. Once the mummy is gone, everyone cheers and Mrs. Numty awards Dennis with an A+++++-+ in her class. Dennis concludes that Uncle Grandpa's plan was to eat his diorama and take Dennis on an adventure so he could get that really awesome grade. Uncle Grandpa confirms it and makes a mummy pun that disappoints the entire class.


  • Dennis is the only kid in the series so far that lives in a mobile home.
  • This episode has the longest name in the series so far with 25 letters, the second is Big Trouble for Tiny Miracle and The Great Spaghetti Western with 24 letters, and the third is Uncle Grandpa at the Movies with 23 letters.
  • Dennis's mail box has his name on it, which could mean one of two things:
    • First theory is that he may live on his own, despite being a young child
    • Second theory is that his family's last name is Dennis
  • In the episode it appears that Dennis doesn't do well in school as he was on the brink of going to summer school.
  • This episode is reference to the classic excuse of "The dog ate my homework".
  • When Dennis was saying the ancient mummy curse the first two words were "Inky and Pinky", these are two ghosts from the arcade "Pac-Man".
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa eating Dennis' homework.
    • Someone saying A+++++-+.
    • Dennis getting mad at Uncle Grandpa.
    • The gang dragging the pyramid back to Dennis' class.
    • Uncle Grandpa wanting chili.
    • The mummy chasing Uncle Grandpa.
  • Errors:
    • Uncle Grandpa should've known what he keeps inside of Belly Bag when he asks about the unicorn stables and hamburgers in a jar.
    • When Uncle Grandpa enters the gym there are 6 cheerleaders, when the mummy makes them change formation there's 10 cheerleaders.
    • Several students are missing from Dennis' class when Uncle Grandpa arrives.




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