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Uncle Grandpa Babies
Season 2, Episode 19
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Premiered: August 20, 2015
Short: "None"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Jason Reicher
Andy Gonsalves
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Andy Gonsalves
Jason Reicher
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Uncle Grandpa Babies (Episode) is the 19th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 71st episode overall of the series.


The President calls in the Uncle Grandpa Babies to use their special infant powers to defuse a missile.

Character Appearances

Major Characters

Minor Characters


Mr. President has just witness the biggest crisis in his entire presidency and it's that there isn't a single strawberry jellybean in the candy jar, he calls congress to have an emergency legislation on his desk by the end of the day. A sergeant bursts into the room to inform Mr. President about his biggest crisis is at hand, and Mr. President says that he's already on it, the sergeant tells him it's much worse.

The sergeant informs the government that the evil mastermind Foreign Madman is at it again and he's got his hands on a missile that's pointed straight at America and if his demands aren't met (Sergeant then acts out what happens). The sergeant informs them that the missile is located in Foreignlandistan, inside Madman's base, the sergeant tells them that they'll need to send in their best men and proposes to send in the Marines, the man on the left of Mr. President wants to call The Green Berets, the lady on the right proposes The Seal Team Six, but Mr. President knows just the team to handle this. A red phone rises from the table and Mr. President pushes the button, on the other line, Baby Uncle Grandpa picks up the phone and says "goo goo goo goo good morning!".

The Uncle Grandpa Babies them plays:

Uncle Grandpa Babies!

Uncle Grandpa Babies!

Uncle Grandpa Babies!

Uncle Grandpa Babies!

Little bitty babies are saving the day,

They're pooping in their pants and it's child's play!

Uncle Grandpa Babies!

Mr. President tells the babies that their country has never needed them more with their skills and expertise America will be in good hands, Baby Uncle Grandpa drops his bottle of milk and begins to cry, so Mr. President goes to pick it up for him. Mr. President asks the babies if they had read over Madman's files, Baby Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. President that they actually can't read but he says that they got the gist of it from the pictures and Mr. president tells them good. Mr. President brings out a little helicopter to show the babies how they'll be entering Madman's base unnoticed and disarm the missile, Pizza Dough Steve tells Mr. President to hold it and to give him the helicopter and Mr. President says of course! He gives the helicopter to the sergeant and then he gives it to Pizza Dough Steve and he begins to play with it and it makes the other babies want to play with it. Mr. President tells the babies that they'll all get a turn and tells them do they have any questions, Baby Uncle Grandpa asks if someone can burp Lil' Gus and Mr. President happily agrees to do so. Mr. president tells the babies that the helicopter outside and he asks the babies if they're ready to go and Baby Uncle Grandpa says not exactly because he's pooping his pants, Mr. President laughs and says that he knows the words to that song.

In Foreignlandistan the babies are in the helicopter ready to go down below to the compound, Baby Uncle Grandpa gets up from his seat and tells the other babies to hold on to their diapers in the literal sense because it's time to parachute drop. Baby Uncle Grandpa opens the door of the helicopter and tells the babies to go go go! The babies parachute down and Baby Uncle Grandpa screams WEEEE! Lil' Gus tells Baby Uncle Grandpa that this is a stealth mission and he says sorry. The babies land safely and Pizza Dough Steve screams out his name and Lil' Gus tells him not so loud, Baby Uncle Grandpa asks Lil' Gus what di they got and Lil' Gus tells him it's Foreign Madman's fortress straight ahead, Baby Uncle Grandpa is sucking on a pacifier and Lil' Gus tells him to repeat what he said, Baby Uncle Grandpa pulls out a bullhorn and says hopefully they won't notice us that we're here. The Spotlights come on reveling their location, then two snow soldiers on a snowmobile come at them with lasers and the babies take cover, Baby Uncle Grandpa tells Baby Belly Bag that he need's his laser rattle. Baby Uncle Grandpa activates his laser rattle shoots down the two snow soldiers, the snowmobile stops and Baby Uncle Grandpa tells the others to hop on, they think it's a nice ride and Lil' Gus asks if he can drive but Baby Uncle Grandpa tells him to not worry and that he's got this, until he crashes into a tree making Lil' Gus mad, Baby Uncle Grandpa tells him he can have the next one. Baby Uncle Grandpa shoots at another soldier that comes their way and waits for Lil' Gus when he's ready.

Meanwhile Foreign Madman tells his army that with the missile the world will be theirs, he tells them to begin the fueling and the missile is slowly being fueled, Foreign Madman believes that nothing will stop them now and he proceeds to do a crazy laugh. The babies are almost there but Lil' Gus is afraid that the spotlight will blow their cover, Baby Uncle Grandpa shoots down the watch tower allowing them inside the base. The babies take cover behind some oil drums and they spot the building where the missile is located, Lil' Gus sees guards and believes that the laser rattle won't be enough to stop them and that since they're babies they'll catch them even before they reach the missile, Baby Uncle Grandpa thinks they won't unless they look like one of the soldiers. Baby Uncle Grandpa tells the others to listen up to tell them that they need to borrow one of the snow soldier's outfits and then infiltrate the missile hangar and all they need is a diaper bomb, so that means they need one of them to load up their pants, Pizza Dough Steve says that he's already got it covered and he hands Baby Uncle Grandpa his loaded diaper, Baby Uncle Grandpa tells him Pizza Dough Steve that he'll see to it that he gets a medal of honor for it. Baby Uncle Grandpa throws the diaper bomb at the snow soldiers and they get distracted giving the babies the perfect opportunity to take one of the snow soldier's outfit. One of the soldiers calls out for Bartek to make sure he's ok, Pizza Dough Steve as the head says that he's never been better, another day another gas grenade, he tells the other snow soldier that he's going to go inside to see if the boss needs anything and he walks away saying that he'll catch him later, the other soldier thinks that it's Bartek being classic again.

The missile is fueled up and ready to go, Foreign Madman states that it's time for the launch sequence. The babies are inside and Baby Uncle Grandpa asks Pizza Dough Steve what does he see, he tells them that he sees a security door straight ahead, once when they arrive at the door Pizza Dough Steve sees that there is a high-tech security keypad and Baby Uncle Grandpa says that this is not going to be easy but it's go time! Baby Uncle Grandpa tries to put the shapes in their proper places but he can't figure it out. The missile is ready to launch and Foreign Madman states that with the turn of this key America will be destroyed forever, Foreign Madman sets the missile to launch in 10:00 and proceeds to do an evil laugh. Baby Uncle Grandpa is still struggling with the shapes and gives up saying that America is just going have to get nuked, Lil' Gus wants to give it a shot and he puts all the shapes in their proper places unlocking the door, Baby Uncle Grandpa will see to it that Lil' Gus will get a medal of honor for this.

5:07 left till the missile is launched and Foreign Madman believes that there is nothing going to stop him now, Pizza Dough Steve tells him about the Uncle Grandpa Babies, Foreign Madman is not following and Pizza Dough Steve tells him again. Foreign Madman thinks it's Bartek and asks him what has gotten into him, Pizza Dough Steve tells him what's gotten into him and it's the Uncle Grandpa Babies! Foreign Madman is shocked and Baby Uncle Grandpa tells him that's it's all over and demands him to abort the missile now, Foreign Madman tells him NEVER! and he demands the guards to destroy them. Baby Uncle Grandpa says that they got some new playmates but it's not playtime, it's naptime, he pulls out a baby music player and it puts the guards to sleep, this alerts Foreign Madman to put on some earplugs to not be affected by the music, and he watches as more guards fall asleep. Foreign Madman puts the keys around his neck and tries to flee the scene, he jumps into a jeep and drives out of there, Lil' Gus sees Foreign Madman escape and he rushes to wake up Baby Uncle Grandpa and tell him what going on, Baby Uncle Grandpa is surprised and he runs to ride Baby Realistic Tiny Tiger to stop Foreign Madman, Lil' Gus then rushes to go try and cancel the missile launch an he sees that the missile has 1:23 left until it launches, he contacts Baby Uncle Grandpa to tell him that he has one minute to get the keys.

Foreign Madman is driving away saying goodbye to America until he see rainbows block his sight along with a "Baby in Car" sign, he gets confused about the sign and then Baby Uncle Grandpa gets his attention and squirts milk on his face blinding him and allowing Uncle Grandpa to take the keys. Baby Uncle Grandpa says that he has to go and he tells Foreign Madman to say hi to the pine tree he's about to crash, he then gets ejected in the air and Foreign Madman crashes into the tree. Baby Tiny Realistic Flying Tiger catches Baby Uncle Grandpa and he tells her that he'll see to it that she get a medal of honor for this and they rush back to the hangar. 20 seconds left and Lil' Gus and Pizza Dough Steve are getting anxious, Baby Uncle Grandpa and Baby Tiny Realistic Flying Tiger bursts through the wall with the keys. Baby Uncle Grandpa is ready to save America and he tries the first key but it doesn't work, he tries the second and that doesn't work either and everyone is starting to sweat, Lil' Gus tells him to hurry up and Baby Uncle Grandpa gets distracted when he holds up the last key. Lil' Gus slaps him to remember the missile and Baby Uncle Grandpa is struggling to insert the last key and when he does he turns the key to disarm the missile and the countdown finally reaches 0.

The missile launches and hit America setting it a blaze. It turns out to be a video of what would've happened to America if Foreign Madman had not been defeated. Mr. President then honors the Uncle Grandpa Babies for their monumental courage and bravery, he then holds a microphone up to Baby Uncle Grandpa saying that the whole world is watching right now and that is there anything they would like to say, Baby Uncle Grandpa does and he says that he's pooping his pants.


  • Cartoon Network announced that this episode will be another Uncle Grandpa special.
  • In hype of the special, Baby Looney Tunes reruns aired throughout the week of August 17, 2015-August 21, 2015, which was the week of the episode's premiere.
  • Mr. President resembles President Ronald Reagan, a real president who was president during the 80's.
    • This may imply that the episode may have taken place sometime in the 80's.
  • Foreignlandistan is most likely located in Russia, the letters on the hangar security door contains Russian letters, the scenery there is all snowy, and Foreign Madman is wearing Russian Clothing.
    • In real life, a Nuclear Cold War with Russia almost started in 1983 but turned out to be a false alarm.
  • In the Uncle Grandpa Babies theme, Baby Uncle Grandpa and Lil' Gus are seen running away from a boulder, this is a reference to Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.
    • Baby Uncle Grandpa is even seen wearing Indiana Jones' outfit.
  • Baby Uncle Grandpa references a song called "Shake, Rattle and Roll", a blues form of rock and roll song written in 1954 by Jesse Stone.
  • Seal Team Six are The United State Naval Special Warfare Development Group who killed Osama bin Laden in Operation Neptune Spear in 2011.
  • Running Gags:
    • Baby Uncle Grandpa Pooping his Pants.
    • Baby Uncle Grandpa telling the others that he'll see to it that they receive a medal of honor.
  • Errors:
    • When Baby Tiny Realistic Flying Tiger was jumping out of the helicopter she didn't look like a tiger at all, instead she looked like a house cat.
      • She even had a light source on her, but it's night time and there shouldn't be any light at all.
    • When everyone had arrived to the secret base, Pizza Dough Steve was without his diaper, then he’s wearing it in the next scene only to be taken off again.


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