Uncle Grandpa Land
Season 2, Episode 5
Uncle Grandpa Land Title Card
Premiered: May 4, 2015
Short: "Evil Wizard: Laundromat"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Myke Chilian
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Tom Kauffman
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Uncle Grandpa Land is the 5th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 57th episode overall of the series.


Pizza Steve wants to sneak onto a Pizza Steve rollercoaster in the newly-opened Uncle Grandpa Land.

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Uncle Grandpa welcomes everyone to his new amusement park that is Uncle Grandpa themed, he describes the park with adjectives such as not deflated and always gyrated, after he talks about the park he lets everyone in without charging admission. Pizza Steve is impressed about the park, Uncle Grandpa thinks he's talking about all the bricks on the ground that make up the park's floor, he then asks his friends what rides they're getting on because Uncle Grandpa wants to go on the RV Safari, Tiger wants to go on Tiger's Tunnel of Love, Belly Bag wants to go on the Belly Bag Sag, Mr. Gus wants to go on Mr. Gus' Bench Experience, and Pizza Steve wants to go on Pizza Steve's Scream Supreme. Everyone then goes to the rides they want to go on, Pizza Steve cuts to the front of the line for his roller coaster until Jimmy stops him saying that Pizza Steve's a baby, Pizza Steve gets angry at Jimmy that he can't ride his roller coaster, then the security guards have to come to take Pizza Steve away.

Mr. Gus is enjoying his bench experience and he thinks it's riveting, Pizza Steve walks by to request Mr. Gus to throw him over the fence and Mr. Gus happily accepts, he turns Pizza Steve into a paper plane and he tosses him over the fence, Pizza Steve barely made it and he's stuck on the fence, Jimmy then turns on the high voltage fence and shocks him. Pizza Steve then goes to Belly Bag to tell him to ride with him on the roller coaster but Belly Bag has been waiting all day to eat a turkey leg, but then Pizza Steve pulls him away to go on the ride. Pizza Steve hides inside of Belly Bag as he approaches Jimmy to get on and Belly Bag just barely makes it past the height requirement to get on the ride, Belly Bag then finds out that it's a roller coaster and he refuses to go on, instead Belly Bag goes on the spiny hats ride which Pizza Steve finds is for kids. Pizza Steve watches Jimmy from a distance and he sees Stephanie walking towards Jimmy with the Chiggity Churros Cart, as Jimmy raids the churros Stephanie asks Jimmy if he wants to watch a sci-fi movie at her place later, Jimmy says that he doesn't go out with nerds and Pizza Steve then finds the perfect opportunity to sabotage Jimmy.

As Stephanie is talking to Jimmy, Pizza Steve lowers the cart's brakes and the cart rolls away and Jimmy chases it, the cart crashes and Jimmy is on a pile of churros, Stephanie insists to help Jimmy but he says that the only thing he needs is the churros and Stephanie thinks that's gross. Pizza Steve then arrives at the front seat of the roller coaster and he watches a safety video to prevent injury and death on the ride, he lowers the safety bar and he sees that it doesn't reach his belly and the roller coaster starts to go. The roller coaster makes a big drop and Pizza Steve hangs onto an airplane flying by, Pizza Steve flings the plane away and it explodes, the ride then goes through more falls and into a oven tunnel which causes Pizza Steve's cheese to bubble. Pizza Steve falls back into the other passengers on the ride, even into a kid that barfed inside of him. On the ground Uncle Grandpa waves hello to a kid only to find out that it was a guy in a costume, and a kid finds out and begins to cry. Uncle Grandpa thinks the crying in someone having a great time and then Pizza Steve zooms pass on the roller coaster, Pizza Steve approaches to a statue of him and he hangs on to it to stop the ride but instead it stretches him all over the ride and Pizza Steve wonders what he did to deserve it. The gang arrives to the roller coaster to see Pizza Steve, Uncle Grandpa asks if he wants to go again, Pizza Steve says he's too short but with him stretched out he's really tall to go on again and Uncle Grandpa drags him on to go back on.


  • Uncle Grandpa Land is the world's fastest built amusement park.
  • Uncle Grandpa never charged admission for people to go in the park.
  • The ground of the park consists of over 15,000 bricks and each one was handcrafted and imported from Miami, spared no expense.
  • The park itself is a parody of Disney Land.
    • Uncle Grandpa's RV Safari references Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.
    • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger's Tunnel of Love is a general ride.
    • The Belly Bag Sag is probably referencing The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.
    • Mr. Gus' Bench Experience is referencing the Walt Disney Statue with Mickey Mouse.
    • Pizza Steve's Scream Supreme is most likely referencing Space Mountain.
  • There's a man that is wearing Larry Big Shirt's shirt.
  • When Pizza Steve was hiding in Belly Bag, the inside world of Belly Bag is absent.
  • Belly Bag likes to go on kid rides.
  • The employee posing as Uncle Grandpa references Misfortune Cookie, as there was someone inside a Uncle Grandpa pretending to be him.
  • The intermission of the episode was a parody of The Simpsons Couch Gag and Uncle Grandpa parodies Bart Simpson skateboarding.
  • Running Gags:
    • Jimmy calling Pizza Steve a baby.
    • Mr. Gus going on his bench experience.
    • Pizza Steve trying to go on his ride.
    • Pizza Steve getting tormented by his own ride.
  • Errors:
    • The interior on Belly Bag's Mouth has a thicker outline than other things.
    • Belly Bag should've been able to go on the ride no problem since he's attached to Uncle Grandpa.
    • Belly Bag states that he doesn't like rides like roller coasters, even though he wanted to go on his big drop ride.
    • During the oven part of the rollercoaster, Pizza Steve will have two pupils in his eyes for a short frame.
    • The kid's positions on the rollercoaster changed when Pizza Steve was falling onto their faces.
    • The oven portion of the rollercoaster should've cooked the children if it was able to cook Pizza Steve.




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