Uncle Grandpa Movie
Season 3, Episode 6-7
Uncle Grandpa Movie Title Card HD
Premiered: April 1, 2016
Short: New Experiences with Beary Nice and Hot Dog Person: Socks
Written and Storyboarded by:
   Kenny Pittenger
David Gemmill
Story by:
   Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Uncle Grandpa Movie is the 6th and 7th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 3, and the 84th and 85th episode overall of the series. This is the third half-hour episode of the series.


The gang attends the premiere of "Majestico and Uncle Grandpa Boy", a movie about a little girl who wants to become a super hero.

Character Appearances

Major Characters

Minor Characters


The narrator welcomes the viewers to all the "glitz", "glamour", and" pageantry" that the Burbank Bargain Mall Theatre has to offer. Tonight they bring us pre-taped live coverage of the intergalactic premier of "Majestico & Ankle Grandpo Bay", he notices it's not right and someone changes the sign to say "Majestico & Uncle Grandpa Boy". The Movie stars Uncle Grandpa. They now go to Ted Flappy on the scene, Ted Flappy sees that it's a spectacular night and the fans sound really excited, he then goes to an alien and he comments that he came all the way from planet Zorbatrang to see this so it better be good, Ted had no idea what he just said and tells him to speak Earthling next time. a limo pulls, Ted states that Uncle Grandpa is ready for his red carpet arrival, the window goes down and Uncle Grandpa sprinkles water on the ground and he grows a red carpet, and the whole gang walks out of the limo ready to see the movie. Ted asks Uncle Grandpa if he can tell us anything about the movie and he tells him that it has everything that a movie needs like talking, horsies, and explosions. Ted asks Mr. Gus if he's in this picture and he comments that he is and that the director gave him a speaking role as frighten train passenger number 37, then ted goes to the director of the movie and Pizza Steve hops on the director's seat stating that he totally had to tell everyone what to do and that's why this picture turned out so great, Ule Gapa comments that he's not the director of this picture and that he's the director of this picture, Pizza Steve does think it's true and asks him who does he think directs the director and Ule Gapa is confused, Pizza Steve then jumps on their heads and leaves.

In the movie theater, Uncle Grandpa tells his friends that he got them the best seats in the house up in front, Tiny Miracle's circuits are surging for this movie and he asks Crazy Baby what does he think about the movie, Crazy Baby then squirts milk on him and Tiny Miracle shorts out. The rest of the gang sits down and Uncle Grandpa tells Eddie (Uncle Grandpa at the Movies) to role the movie and Eddie tells him he's got it and the movie starts with the title card saying "The Adventures of Majestico and Uncle Grandpa Boy" and then "A Film by Ule Gapa".

The movie starts at Jessica in her room doing math homework and screaming and cheering as she reads the book, her mother walks into the room and asks her if she's done with her math homework, Jessica tells he that she's just getting to the good part, her mother demands to see what she's really working on and when Jessica opens the math book, she reveals a comic book, her mother then goes to tell her that she needs to get serious about her responsibilities and goes on to tell her to finish her homework and then she can save the world with her superheroes. Jessica's mother then tells her to finish her homework and then leaves the room, she tells Jessica that she's got it easy and then closes the door. Jessica doesn't believe that she doesn't have it easy because of her homework and how boring it is, she then thinks that if she was a superhero then her life would be amazing, instead of all work and no play it would be play all day. She then cries because she's going be stuck there forever working, the door opens and it's Uncle Grandpa, before he can say good morning, his RV goes through her room and he finishing his good morning, Jessica asks if it's really him, he says probably and before he finishes asking what seems to be the matter?, his RV backs up into the room and Uncle Grandpa hates it when something stops him from doing what he wants to do. Another Uncle Grandpa tries to get him to go along with the movie and he states that he's going to do what he wants, Jessica is happy to see that someone finally understands and that they should be able to do what they want when they want to do it and Uncle grandpa agrees to all of it except when Jessica states they don't have to do their math homework, Jessica tries to tell Uncle grandpa that math homework is so diabolically laborious, Uncle Grandpa tells her no buts and puts her homework on her desk. Jessica tells Uncle Grandpa that he sounds like her mother, Uncle Grandpa ask her doesn't your mother sound like this, and he proceeds to say what her mother said in her voice. Jessica thinks that Superheroes don't have to deal with this, Uncle Grandpa is astonished that she said superheroes, and Jessica tells him that she wishes that she was a superhero and not a homework slave, Uncle Grandpa tells her to wait right her and he runs to the RV. Uncle Grandpa takes the spare tire and brings it back to Jessica and she wonders how this will help her finish her homework, Uncle Grandpa tells her that there's no time for that and that he needs to turn her into a superhero with this superhero formula and this excites Jessica when she tries to but Uncle Grandpa and he tells her "no buts" and that they need that formula now. Uncle Grandpa opens the drum and he asks Frankenstein if he has the formula and he gives him the formula. While Uncle Grandpa is trying to open the formula, he asks Jessica what her superhero name would be and Jessica never thought that she would need a superhero name and thinks that this is a huge responsibility, since her name is Jessica and she doesn't think that her name isn't very majestic and Uncle Grandpa comes up with "Majestico" and he throws the formula on her and he asks her how does she feel and she doesn't feel any different until she explodes.

Jessica is on the ceiling and is wearing a superhero costume, she asks Uncle Grandpa what happened, and he tells her that she can fly, Jessica floats down from the ceiling and Uncle Grandpa points out her new costume. Since she's now a superhero it's time to do superhero things, Uncle Grandpa tells her that she can't do this without a sidekick and he asks Belly Bag to help a brother out, Belly Bag helps by spitting out a phone booth and Jessica believes that her sidekick is a phone booth, he tells he to wait an he turns into Clark Kent and runs into the phone booth. With Uncle Grandpa in the phone booth the "Majestiphone" rings and responds to a call, when she's done she opens the phone booth and Uncle Grandpa had changed into Uncle Grandpa Boy and they both fly to where the call came from.

Uncle Grandpa Boy stops and hears someone call for help, he flies to the ground and goes into the phone booth, Majestico comes down to see what's the matter and Uncle Grandpa Boy tells her that he's changing into his secret disguise and Majestico tells him that he's already changed. Then the two go to where the cry for help came from, they run a nearby tree where a man is stuck on top with his car, Majestico tells the man to clam down and asks him what happened here, the man states that he was trying to parallel park and then before he knew it he got up in the tree and can't get down. Majestico asks Uncle Grandpa Boy what to do and he tells her that she's the superhero reading comics all the time and tells her to use her superhero powers since it's way easier than math homework and she tells him he's right. Majestico tells the people to back up and give this man some air, she flies up and picks up the car brings it down to the ground, the man is happy to be alive. The crowd of people rush to Majestico and cheer for her, Uncle Grandpa Boy hears another person calling for help and he tells Majestico that there's no time to bask in their glory, Majestico says goodbye to the crowd and the two fly up proceeds to go to the next person in danger.

A train is going at high speeds and the conductor is mad at the state budget cuts and knew he should've replaced the brakes on the train, and he breaks the breaks on the train and he continues to yell for help. Majestico tells Uncle Grandpa Boy that there's a runaway train, and Uncle Grandpa Boy tells Majestico that the train is headed for the station and that if it doesn't slow down it's probably going to crash and horribly injure a lot of people. Uncle Grandpa Boy points out that there's always a lever that changes the train tracks. Majestico pulls the lever and the tracks change, and Uncle Grandpa Boy tells Majestico to sit back and wait for the people to thank them. The train passes and Majestico notices that the train is now heading towards the TNT factory and Uncle Grandpa Boy noticed he messed up. The train conductor is worried as well as frightened train passenger number 37 as he regrets taking the train to save money on his commute. Majestico flies to save the people while Uncle Grandpa Boy is playing with a paddle ball. As Majestico is fling to the front of the train, Uncle Grandpa Boy is riding a horse stating he always wanted to do this. Majestico flies to the front of the train and tells the conductor that she's here to help, the conductor tells her to hurry because they're going to be fireworks any minute now, Uncle Grandpa Boy arrives and Majestico tells him to help her, he gets off the horse and the conductor is telling them to do something. Majestico asks Uncle Grandpa Boy what should she do and since his last idea didn't work he leaves it up to her, Majestico tries to get in front of train and tries to stop it herself and while trying to stop the train, butter from her boots are making the train go faster, Majestico wants to know why is there butter on her boots and Uncle Grandpa boy tells her it's one of the super powers he gave her because it might come in handy, he then tells her to hurry up since they're approaching the TNT factory. Majestico then uses her hands on the tracks to stop the train while Uncle Grandpa Boy is playing with his paddle ball. Majestico's hands turn red while the train comes to the wall of the factory, just in time, Majestico stops the train and saves everyone on the train and the conductor is happy that he's not going to loose his job. Majestico looks at her hands and Uncle Grandpa Boy slaps them in celebration and that's what he calls a hand break, Uncle grandpa Boy then he hears another person in need of help and he takes Majestico to the next location.

While in the air, Majestico tells Uncle Grandpa Boy that she needs to take a break, Uncle Grandpa Boy tells her that there's no time for breaks when the world needs to be saved. Uncle Grandpa Boy then smells smoke and states that where there's smoke, there's screaming people, then it cuts to a burning building with people inside screaming. Uncle Grandpa Boy knows what will put out the fire and he picks up a hose and turns on the nozzle, Majestico tries to stop him and he tells her that he knows what he's doing, and the hose begins to spray gasoline on the flames. Uncle Grandpa Boy asks Majestico if she has any ideas and she does, she decides to blow out the fire but it only puts more buildings on fire with more people screaming for help, and Uncle Grandpa Boy states that they need "hot dog vision" and he proceeds to shoot hot dogs in the people's mouths. Majestico wants to know how did that help and Uncle Grandpa Boy states that it always cheered him up, Majestico then tells Uncle Grandpa Boy to get water while she gets the people out the building and Majestico proceeds to get the people out of the buildings. Majestico tells the crowd of people that Uncle Grandpa Boy will come back with water and they'll get this all cleaned up, Uncle Grandpa Boy comes back with only a cup of water and he tells Majestico that he had to bust the dam to get to the reservoir, Majestico questions what he means by bust the dam and Uncle Grandpa Boy tells her the dam that hold back all the water from flooding the city. Tiny Miracle as a police officer notices the hole in the dam and sees that it's gushing out gallons of water per second and realizes that it's going to flood the whole town and runs out of there. Water rushes to the people and Majestico stomps on the ground that rises the water, she then goes to get a boulder, Uncle Grandpa Boy tells her that she needs to do something about the water that's going to rain on all the people and she says she's got it, she then moves the boulder into the hole fixing the flood, the water puts out the fire and Majestico gives everyone an umbrella to keep them dry, the people then rejoice. Majestico is now tired and Uncle Grandpa Boy shoots hot dogs at her to keep her energized.

Back in her room, Majestico sits down and is exhausted, Uncle Grandpa Boy tells her nice work and that the day isn't over yet and he tells her that they need to fight some villains, punch some bad guys, save some old ladies from rabid elephants, and more exciting superhero tasks. Majestico tells Uncle Grandpa Boy that she's pretty over being a superhero and she asks him to switch her back into a normal girl, Uncle Grandpa Boy wants to know why would she want to give up being a superhero, she tells him that superpowers are cool but it's a lot of work saving the day all the time. Uncle Grandpa Boy is sad that they're done playing and that he's going to miss his hot dog vision, but if it's what she wants then he gets it, and he can't expect everyone to enjoy hot dogs shooting out of his eye sockets. Uncle Grandpa then pats her on the back and spins her and Majestico turns back into Jessica. Jessica learned her lesson and will keep the superhero stuff to the comics and get back to her normal girl math homework since it's easier than saving the world from a life threatening monster or something. The magical super stuff gets on the math homework and it became evil, Jessica asks Uncle Grandpa what's going on and he has no idea, the math homework sprouts arms and legs and is glad to be alive, he states that no one can stop Math Homework Man from ruling the universe. Jessica is asking Uncle Grandpa what just happened and Uncle Grandpa fills her in on the details, and Math Homework Man owes it all to Jessica, he then jumps through the ceiling and leaves, Uncle Grandpa tells Jessica that they have to go after him.

Out on the street, Math Homework Man runs away and Uncle Grandpa notices that he's running to a tall hill, he then goes on that they need to stop him from ruining the severity of their nation, Uncle Grandpa pulls out a Segway and tells Jessica that he can't do it without her. Uncle Grandpa tells Frankenstein to give them helmets and he does so, they then ride the Segway up the hill to Math Homework Man, Uncle Grandpa tells him to hand over the superpowers and surrender so they can end this episode already. Math Homework Man tells him fat chance and that he has a better idea and suggests multiplication, he points to the Sun and states that 3*1=3 times the Sun, he then asks them if they can feel the heat, Uncle Grandpa tells him he's good and Math Homework Man informs him that the universe owes everything to math. He then suggests another lesson in subtraction, he points to the Earth's ozone layer and he makes it disappear as he tells them it brings unbearable pain, Uncle Grandpa tells him to cut it out and that it isn't funny. Math Homework Man tells Uncle Grandpa that division is funny and is divided into two, Jessica then tells him to stop it and Math Homework Man wants to know what she's going to do, Jessica too wants to know what she's going to do, the two divided Uncle Grandpas tell her that she needs to finish her math homework, one of them hands her a big pencil and tells her to get to work. Math Homework Man tells her that she won't be able finish him if she can't solve these seemingly difficult algebra problems, the Uncle Grandpas believe in her and Jessica begins the first problem. The first problem is 3x=15 and Jessica answers 5, this takes away his arms, he tells her lucky guess she won't be a match for the next problem. The next problem is 4x-5=7+x and Jessica answers 4, this takes away one of his legs and Math Homework Man tells her very good and that those were child's play and he tells her to try getting out of the last equation. The last equation is -20-(4x-1) and Jessica believes that it's a tough one, the Uncle Grandpas believe in her, Jessica then answers -1 and Math Homework man is defeated, two of the Suns disappear and the ozone layer comes back, Jessica then grabs her homework.

Jessica is glad to have finished her math homework and stop a math monster man and she thanks Uncle Grandpa. The two Uncle Grandpas rejoice and Jessica wonders why is everything back to normal but he's still split into two, they then tell her that some questions are better left unanswered and Jessica just goes along with it and the movie ends.

Uncle Grandpa thought it was a great movie and can't wait to see what everyone else thought, Mr. Gus sees that everyone went home before it was even over. Belly Bag thinks this is disappointing, Uncle Grandpa tells them not to worry as the people of planet Zorbatrang are going to love this movie, the Zorbatrangian tells them to not count on it and then leaves.


  • This episode is the third half hour special of the series, the first two were Christmas Special and Uncle Grandpa Retires.
  • This episode uses the most amount of characters in the series yet with a total of 100 people, this includes Main, Minor, and Background characters all together. Watermelon Gag falls second with 79 characters, and Escalator falls third with 44 characters.
  • The Adventures of Majestico and Uncle Grandpa Boy was premiered globally and intergalactically.
  • Festro pushed Ted Flappy to interview everyone.
  • When Ted told the Zorbatrangian to talk Earthling next time despite speaking in English, this is probably referencing Prison Break when the the aliens mistook Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve for humans.
  • When Uncle Grandpa told Ted that there will be explosions in the movie, this was probably referencing Uncle Grandpa at the Movies when Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve wanted to see Explosion Man so they added explosions to Mr. Gus' documentary.
  • Ule Gapa had directed the Uncle Grandpa Movie "The Adventures of Majestico and Uncle Grandpa Boy".
  • Eddie from Uncle Grandpa at the Movies makes an appearance and does the same actions like in the previous episode.
  • Uncle Grandpa breaks the 4th wall in the movie when he told himself that he's going to do what he want.
    • He does it again later when he tells Math Homework Man to give them the superpowers so they can end the episode in it's entirety.
  • Frankenstein carries a formula that can turn someone or anything into a superhero or villain.
  • When Jessica became a superhero her powers included:
    • Flight
    • Buttered Feet
    • Super Strength
    • Super Breath
  • When Uncle Grandpa turned into Clark Kent he referenced the Superman franchise, since Clark has to go undercover to change into Superman in order to save Lois.
  • The TNT Factory was established in 1857.
  • When Uncle Grandpa Boy was riding the horse next the train, this parodies scenes in old western movies, when people decide to rob a train.
  • When Uncle Grandpa Boy said "Where there's smoke, there's screaming people!" this is probably referencing the Mario meme where he says "Where there's smoke, there's fire!".
  • Mart Mart has a gas station.
  • When Uncle Grandpa Boy uses his Hot Dog Vision, this is most likely referencing the "Clarence" episode "Goldfish Follies" where Clarence had the same superpower in the episode.
  • Jessica foreshadowed the Super villain part.
  • The superhero residue has the power to give anything superpowers.
  • Uncle Grandpa references the "Nirvana" song, "I'm Half the Man I Used to Be".
  • Jessica used the "PEMDAS" method to solve the math problems.
  • It appears that everyone hated the movie as they all went home before it was even over, and the Zorbatrangian didn't want to suggest the movie to his home planet.
  • In the intermission, Uncle Grandpa tells the viewers "Happy Thursday!", although the episode aired on a Friday.
  • Running Gags:
    • Someone telling Jessica "no buts".
    • Uncle Grandpa going into a phone booth to change.
    • Uncle Grandpa Boy suggesting ideas that make the situation worse.
    • Uncle Grandpa Boy saying "I've always wanted to do that".
    • Uncle Grandpa Boy using Hot Dog Vision.
  • Errors:
    • When Eddie was playing the movie, there wasn't a window for the projector room, while in Uncle Grandpa at the Movies there is.
    • Uncle Grandpa Boy told Majestico that he decided that she should have buttered feet as a superpower, but all he did was splash her with the formula.
    • When Majestico is looking back at the TNT Factory while trying to stop the train, she's back into her old clothes.
    • When Majestico is rescuing people from the burning buildings, there is a mountainous hole in the road, this doesn't happen until the next scene.


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