Uncle Grandpa No. 1

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"Uncle Grandpa No. 2"
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Uncle Grandpa No. 1 is the first issue of the Uncle Grandpa (Comic Series) that was released in October 2014.

Content Gallery

Introduction (art by Yehudi Mercado)

"Pantry Panic" (story and art by Scott Roberts, colors by Whitney Cogar, and letters by Warren Montgomery)

"The Scariest Story Ever" (by Jimmy Glegerich)

"Xarna the Movie" (by Yehudi Mercado)

"Uncle Grandpa Needs Glasses" (by Yehudi Mercado)

A coloring page (by Alex Chiu)

"Fear of Water" (by Evgeny Yakovlev)

"Interlude" (by Brendon Gillas)

"Buttloose" (written and drawn by Laura Howell)

"Dear Uncle Grandpa" (by Yehudi Mercado)

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