Uncle Grandpa Retires
Season 2, Episode 21-22
Uncle Grandpa Retires Title Card
Premiered: September 3, 2015
Short: "Out of Fuel"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Marc Ceccarelli
Ryan Kramer
Casey Alexander
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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"Fool Moon"
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Uncle Grandpa Retires is the 21st and 22nd episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 73rd and 74th episode overall of the series. This is the second half-hour episode of the series.


On the day of the big auto race, the RV suffers a flat tire. Uncle Grandpa fills in temporarily, but finds that he actually enjoys life as a wheel.

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Uncle Grandpa hurries the guys so they can watch a commercial with him, the commercial talks about a huge race that's going to happen at the "Big Fat Race" and watching this commercial alone excites the guys to watch the race itself. Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. Gus that he loves the Big Fat Races and he proceeds to show him the tickets for the race, Pizza Steve can't wait for the brutal carnage, Mr. Gus agrees with him and he wonders that if their going to watch the race then who will be driving the RV, Uncle Grandpa said that he set the auto-pilot (Tiny Uncle Grandpas Driving). Uncle Grandpa states that they'll be at the race in no time, a news report on TV is warning people that the nail factory on Main Street has just exploded and to avoid Main Street with nails raining all over the street, Uncle Grandpa looks out the window and notices that they're on Main Street. The guys try to rush over to the cockpit to try and stop the auto-pilot meanwhile it's raining nails all over Main Street, Mr. Gus sits on the tiny Uncle Grandpas and takes control of the RV, the little Uncle Grandpas points out the nails on the street and Mr. Gus slams on the breaks. Uncle Grandpa slaps Mr. Gus' knee to congratulate him, and this causes the RV to drive forward and pop the passenger tire.

Uncle Grandpa steps out of the RV and notices the flat tire and he informs the others about it, Mr. Gus then goes to get the spare and Uncle Grandpa tries to tell him about the spare tire, Mr. Gus notices that it's a giant doughnut . Mr. Gus asks him what happened to the spare, Uncle Grandpa states that he need a place for his giant doughnut so he chucked the spare tire, Mr. Gus becomes disappointed and gets the idea to use the doughnut as a tire, but Uncle Grandpa already ate it. This gave Uncle Grandpa an idea to become the new tire since he's very flexible, and he always wondered how the other half lives and plus it could be fun! Uncle Grandpa proceeds to chuck the old tire out, Belly Bag tells Uncle Grandpa that he's going to sit this one out and Uncle Grandpa tells him that's a good idea, Uncle Grandpa then asks Belly Bag if he can hold onto his legs for him and Belly Bag eats his legs up. Uncle Grandpa moves his suspenders to his sides and he propels his body into the vacant tire spot saying that it's a perfect fit. Uncle Grandpa is now ready to fulfill the tire position and Mr. Gus asks Uncle Grandpa if he's sure he really wants to do this and Uncle Grandpa says "You Betcha", before Pizza Steve closes the door he asks Uncle Grandpa if he wants to change his mind and he says nope and to get this show on the road.

Mr. Gus gets behind the wheel and he states that that has to be one of the weirdest thing he has ever seen, Pizza Steve joins in saying "and we're talking about Uncle G, so that's really saying something", Mr. Gus says that they're going to take it nice and easy, Pizza Steve tells him to try to find the smoothest road from here to the race track. Pizza Steve tells Uncle Grandpa to hang on and he's excited that they're finally moving, and they all proceed to the Big Fat Race.

Uncle Grandpa says that was the best fun he has ever had, Mr. Gus can't believe that worked, Belly Bag tells Uncle Grandpa that he's the man. Pizza Steve wants to hurry inside to find some premium seats, Uncle Grandpa tells the guys that they should go on without him, Mr. Gus questions about Uncle Grandpa changing his mind about going to the race, he was excited about going to the race, but now he's not and now he's going to stay there and be a tire. This gets everyone's attention and Uncle Grandpa states that he loves being a tire, maybe even more than being plain old Uncle Grandpa, Mr. Gus tells Uncle Grandpa that he can't be serious, Pizza Steve wants to know what's so great about being a tire, Uncle Grandpa states that being so close to the Earth he has a whole new perspective on life. Uncle Grandpa is considering about being a tire for now on and if his friends were really good friends, they would respect his decision. MR. Gus gathers everyone back inside the RV and they talk about how Uncle Grandpa finally tipped over the edge of wackiness and they have to come up with a plan to make Uncle Grandpa see otherwise, Pizza Steve gets the idea about entering the RV in the Big Fat Race and that Uncle Grandpa won't last five minuets in the race, Belly Bag states that since it's the biggest race ever it should be tough on tires, Mr. Gus likes that idea and he opens the door to tell Uncle Grandpa that they have an idea on how he can stay a tire and watch the race at the same time and Uncle Grandpa likes the sound of that.

The Race announcer is speaking through the microphone asking the audience if they're ready for one heck of a competition because he knows he is and unfortunately he'll be watching from the stands with the audience since he's turning duties over to Tiger and Belly Bag, and the announcer gets chucked out of the window.

Belly Bag welcomes everyone to the Big Fat Race, he then introduces himself and Tiger to the audience, he also introduces the racers in the race. He introduces Tiny Miracle the Robot Boy and his Gigaroid Racer, Frankenstein driving an Electric Powered Operating Table, Charlie Burgers and his Woof Woof Wagon, Ule Gapa and his Danger Dome, Beary Nice and Hot Dog Person driving Hot Dog Person, Crazy Baby driving a Bottle Rocket Racer, Aunt Grandpa driving her Convertible Cruiser, Evil Wizard and his Evil-Mobile, Xarna driving her Mad Motorcycle, The UG RV where Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve will be driving as Uncle Grandpa will be filling in as the front passenger tire. Belly Bag then states that the winner of the race will win a big golden trophy and bragging rights on two forms of social media. Mr. Gus hopes that it won't take too long for Uncle Grandpa to give up being a tire, Pizza Steve states that if the race is anything like the commercial suggests, then they have nothing to worry about.

Belly Bag tells the racers to start their engines, Tiny Miracle pulls on his nose, Frankenstein grunts for Evil Wizard to give him electricity for his car, the RV pulls up to the line, Crazy Baby throws a bottle at Aunt Grandma, and Belly Bag finally says GO! The racers go as their fans cheer them on, Dick Dastardly from "Wacky Races" wants Evil Wizard to win as Muttley does his signature laugh.

Ule Gapa is in the lead and this give Pizza Steve the idea of Ule Gapa to fire his laser at them, the RV gets in front of Ule Gapa and this angers him to shoot his laser at Uncle Granpa, Uncle Grandpa stops the RV and the laser hits the stadium wall and creates a hole for the racers to leave the stadium and now the race had just become an off-road free for all.

Pizza Steve tells Mr. Gus to get close to Evil Wizard, Evil Wizard is wondering what evil should he inflict upon the RV and he decides to spike up his wheels. Evil Wizard then proceeds to mash up Uncle Grandpa's face with his spikes until Uncle Grandpa uses a nail file on the spikes, Evil Wizard then become disappointed and Uncle Grandpa gives the nail file to Evil Wizard. Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus aren't happy that that didn't work.

The racers are headed straight for the city and Belly Bag doesn't know what's worse for the racers, the city's neglected potholes or each other. Uncle Grandpa sees the potholes and decides to get his bounce on and he dodges all the potholes in his way. Two street guys in a low rider notices the RV and they thinks it's really tricked out. Uncle Grandpa tells the guys that they have to be more careful if they're going to win this thing and he returns to his tire form, Pizza Steve is laughing at Uncle Grandpa because he thinks he's going to win and then Pizza Steve tells Mr. Gus to get behind the monstrosity in front of them. Aunt Grandma thinks she should really do something about that RV because it's so tacky, she then lays down a lot of tacks on the street and this pleases Pizza Steve, Uncle Grandpa tells Tiny Miracle to launch his magnet power and he does so removing the tacks, Pizza Steve yells at Tiny Miracle that he's not helping here and he tells Pizza Steve that he was programed to help. Tiny Miracle's magnet catches onto Xarna's arm and she tries to shake him off, she launches him behind all the other racers and then he blows up.

Belly Bag then appoints the audience that the race is leading into the Rocky Mountains, Mr. Gus decides to take a short cut into a very rocky path, Pizza Steve asks Uncle Grandpa if he's ready to call it quits but Uncle Grandpa says that's the best massage he has ever had and this displeases the two. Belly Bag says that the race keeps getting more fierce especially when Xarna takes the lead as if it were the apocalypse, Evil Wizard then catches up and he sling shoots a pebble into Xarna's gas tank leaking out gas, Xarna smells the gas leaking and she see the gas meter go to E, she gets angered and Evil Wizard wishes her luck to finding a gas station and he drives off, Xarna is now out of the race. Crazy Baby is finished with his bottle of milk and he throws the bottle at Aunt Grandma and she had finally had enough with the bottles so she rams Crazy Baby into a tree and he crashes his car and cries over it.

Belly Bag states that the racers are headed into a dense Forest Area, Frankenstein is now in the lead and he see a bee hive, he tries to turn his vehicle but his steering wheel isn't connected to anything and he crashes into the hive and he crashes his car. Pizza Steve tells Mr. Gus to drive into the dandelion field and Mr. Gus questions why, Pizza Steve answers by saying Uncle Grandpa is crazy allergic to dandelions and Mr. Gus finally remembers. Uncle Grandpa tells the guys that they know he's crazy allergic to dandelions and Pizza Steve states that it's all part of being a tire, Mr. Gus tells him that he can always quit when he's ready, Uncle Grandpa says that he might have to since his nose is the size of a beach ball. Charlie Burgers heard Uncle Grandpa say ball and he ditches his wagon, his wagons T-boned Aunt Grandma leaving her out of the race, Charlie runs to Uncle Grandpa and bites hard on his nose, Uncle Grandpa's nose pops and it launches Charlie onto the dome of Ule Gapa's vehicle. Ule Gapa yells at Charlie to move and that he can't see where he's going, so the vehicle crashes into a pond nearby causing the two to be out of the race. Uncle Grandpa grows a new nose and he thanks Charlie for what he did, he then tells the guys that he's good to go and they're still in this thing, Mr. Gus then describes Uncle Grandpa as being persistent.

The last three racers are headed for a cactus patch and this makes Pizza Steve all excited for Mr. Gus to drive through the cactus patch, Uncle Grandpa asks the guys if they can go around the cactus patch and Pizza Steve says they can't and it's the shortest way. Evil Wizard decides to go the long way around the cactus patch. Hot Dog Person is asking Beary Nice if they give out trophies for second or third place and Beary isn't sure because this is his Beary first race and they should try their Beary Best to win. Beary then slams on the gas and they take the lead through the cactus patch, clearing out the whole patch. The guys are confused by what just happened, Beary can't see a thing with Hot Dog Person in the way, they got through the patch and they both are out of the race when Hot Dog Person gets deflated. The RV and Evil Wizard are both neck and neck, Evil Wizard teases Uncle Grandpa to quit now because it's be much easier than for him to think of something villainous to do to him, Uncle Grandpa tells Evil Wizard that winning this race was something he dreamed of doing since becoming a tire two hours ago and he then warns Evil Wizard about the baby ducks ahead of him and Evil Wizard get confused by the ducks. Evil Wizard breaks for the ducks and he acts evil by threating to kill the ducks if he takes his foot off his break, one of the ducks quack at him and Evil Wizard thought that it was adorable, he then tries to regain his manliness by thinking evil thoughts, he gives up when the RV passes him up.

The RV crosses the finish line by a landslide, Belly Bag and Tiger are both happy that the RV won until they realized that the plan didn't work. The manager gives the trophy to Mr. Gus and compliments them on the front passenger tire, the guys hate to admit it too that Uncle Grandpa does make a pretty good tire. Pizza Steve states that it won't be the same with him going on adventures all the time but if this is what he wants to do then they can't stop him. Uncle Grandpa is glad that they respect his decision and now he wants to take a look at the trophy he always wanted, as Uncle Grandpa tries to roll to see the trophy, some gum sticks to his side and thinks it's gross especially when he finds out it's sugar free. Uncle Grandpa gets up and turns back to normal and he says that he's through being a tire, and he grabs the trophy and puts it in the vacant tire space and he says that the RV is ready to roll and that he's ready to be just Uncle Grandpa. The guys are happy that Uncle Grandpa is back to his normal self, Pizza Steve asks Uncle Grandpa if wants to make like a tire and race out of there, he wants to eat the frozen pizza he has in the fridge.

They all race inside the RV and when Uncle Grandpa closes the door to the RV it falls off, Mr. Gus is disappointed and Uncle Grandpa said he'll fix it. Pizza Steve states that Uncle Grandpa is pretty handy to have around, Mr. Gus thinks handy isn't the right word to use, the episode then ends with Uncle Grandpa being the door to the RV as he says "Good Morning!"


  • This is the second half hour special, after Christmas Special.
  • There are two green aliens with pointed heads in the audience, this is probably a reference to "The Coneheads" which is a sketch on "Saturday Night Live" about a family of aliens with bald conical heads that originated from January 15, 1977.
  • This episode most likely took place is several states of America.
    • It Starts off in a city, most presumably Boise, Idaho.
    • Then the race enters a rocky mountain area, which can be identified as The Rocky Mountain Range that boarders Idaho and Wyoming.
    • The race then goes into a dense forest, which most likely is Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.
    • It then goes into a desert, which is most likely The Great Basin Desert that stretches into Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and Idaho.
    • Then the race ends back in Boise Idaho.
  • Belly Bag broke the fourth wall when he introduced Crazy Baby.
  • Positions of the racers:
    • The UG RV - 1st
    • Evil Wizard - 2nd
    • Beary Nice & Hot Dog Person - 3rd
    • Charlie Burgers - 4th
    • Ule Gapa - 5th
    • Aunt Grandma - 6th
    • Frankenstein - 7th
    • Crazy Baby - 8th
    • Xarna - 9th
    • Tiny Miracle- 10th
  • This is the second time Crazy Baby is seen driving since Driver's Test.
    • His car is different than the one in Driver's Test.
  • The "Stör" Store makes another appearance since Misfortune Cookie.
  • This Episode reveals that Tiny Miracle, Frankenstein, Charlie Burgers, Ule Gapa, Beary Nice, and Evil Wizard can all drive.
  • Charlie Burgers still loves balls since Charlie Burgers.
  • Dick Dastardly and Muttley from the 1968 Hanna-Barbera cartoon "Wacky Races" makes an appearance.
  • When Evil Wizard mash Uncle Grandpa's face up with spikes, his face resembled the Dora Maar by Picasso.
  • Xarna losing gas is referencing her shorts about her finding gas.
  • The Music from Numbskull is heard in the forest.
  • This Episode show that Uncle Grandpa is crazy allergic to dandelions.
  • Evil Wizard trying to think evil thoughts after seeing the baby ducks is a reference to the meme "Had to Punch a Wall to Regain Manliness".
  • Running Gags:
    • Crazy Baby throwing bottles at Aunt Grandma.
    • Uncle Grandpa turning into different parts of the RV.
    • Evil Wizard Sabotaging the other racers.
    • Ule Gapa getting mad.
    • Beary Nice using Beary instead of Very.
    • The passenger tire being changed.
  • Errors:
    • Uncle Grandpa gave Belly Bag his legs to hold onto, but at the end he grew his legs back.
    • Pizza Steve's size varies throughout the episode.
    • When Beary Nice stepped on the gas, and interior is shown inside of Hot Dog Person, but in the next scene Beary's legs are on the sides of Hot Dog Person.




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