Uncle Grandpa Shorts
Season 1, Episode 18
Premiered: January 21, 2014
Short: "Good Mornin' News"
"Digging a Hole"
"Cool or Dumb?"
"Slouching On The Couch"
"Uncle Grandpa in: Piñata"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Myke Chilian
Audie Harrison
Andy Gonsalves
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Uncle Grandpa Shorts is the 18th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 1, and the 18th overall episode of the series. Not to be confused with "short" episodes that appear after main episodes.


It is 5 short episodes in one. Uncle Grandpa and Belly Bag discuss a mustard stain on the news, two turtles discuss what is cool and what is dumb, Uncle Grandpa slouches on the couch, he also digs a hole through the floor, and he also tries to smash a piñata.

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Good Mornin' News

The episode begins with an introduction of Good Morning News. After the introduction, Uncle Grandpa goes on to report about a mustard stain on his shirt and how bibs can prevent shirt staining. Shortly after he reports about mustard stains, he gets a report about how his stain is irremovable. He panics a bit and decides to check in with Belly Bag, who explains that he has found no successful cleaning products. Uncle Grandpa decides to let Mr. Gus do his section on the weather while Belly Bag continues to search for a cleaner that will remove the stain. Mr. Gus barely gets to finish his story when Uncle Grandpa rudely interrupts him with a report about a high speed chase. The high speed chase features the UG RV driving away erratically from the Good Morning News Helicopters (who are video-taping the scene) and what seems like cops (as you can hear from the sirens). Uncle Grandpa checks in with Belly Bag who is in the RV and Belly Bag reports that he has no idea who is driving the RV. However, Belly Bag was able to find a cleaner to remove the mustard stain successfully. Uncle Grandpa seems satisfied with this, so he let Mr. Gus report on sports again. Mr. Gus begins, but is yet again interrupted when the UG RV crashes through his screen. After that, Pizza Steve emerges from the RV, apologizing about being late. He then goes on to give a report on the weather, which was more or less instructions on how to cook a pizza. After his report is over, Uncle Grandpa goes to report on something, but everything seems muddled as Giant Realistic Flying Tiger stares at the camera with an angry face and Pizza Steve dances on the table. It then cuts out to static as Tiger flies across the screen with a rainbow that says "Technical Difficulties".

Digging a Hole: Part 1

Pizza Steve approaches Uncle Grandpa and asks him what he is doing. Uncle Grandpa informs him that he is digging a hole.

Cool or Dumb?

This short is about two turtles. One asks the other, who is named Ben, his opinion on something by asking "Hey Ben, is this cool or is it dumb?". Ben always replies with "dumb". The turtle tries his hardest to impress Ben with all kinds of items and tricks, but to no avail as Ben calls each and every one "dumb". After this goes on for a while, the turtle finally goes into his shell and takes out all the contents in it to show to Ben in hopes this will impress him. Sure enough, it does not, as Ben calls it all "dumb". The scene zooms out and shows two cowboys come up to the two turtles. The thin cowboy points out to the fat cowboy that the turtles are communicating with each other, in which the fat cowboy laughs in response, and finally calls it "cool".

Slouching On The Couch

Turns out "Cool or Dumb?" was a show Uncle Grandpa was watching on his television. As soon as it ended, Uncle Grandpa turned the TV off and began to slowly slide of the couch. As he did this, he continuously repeated "slouchin' on the couch". When he finally reached the ground, he began to chant "slouchin' on the floor" continuously.

Digging The Hole: Part 2

Uncle Grandpa digs a holy into the bottom of the screen and begins to make a continuous loop falling through the hole as Pizza Steve and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger watch.

Uncle Grandpa in: Piñata

This short starts off with Uncle Grandpa angrily swinging around a club. Pizza Steve attempts to calm him down but to no avail. It is finally revealed Uncle Grandpa was just trying to hit the piñata, in which Steve reminded him that he had to wear a blindfold first. Pizza Steve used Belly Bag as Uncle Grandpa's blind fold, much to Belly Bag's dismay. Belly Bag instructed Uncle Grandpa to take some steps forward, but he instead goes backwards and destroys something in the RV. Belly Bag repeats these directions only for Uncle Grandpa to completely ignore them and walk right out of the RV after stepping all over Pizza Steve. While out of the RV, Uncle Grandpa destroys a little girl's lemonade stand, breaks a bunch of criminals out of prison, accidentally floods an orphanage after breaking open a dam, becomes radioactive, destroys a power line, and destroys a water tower. Uncle Grandpa finally returns to the RV and breaks the piñata by accidentally smacking Mr. Gus over the head and having Mr. Gus's body weight break the piñata.

Digging The Hole: Part 3

Uncle Grandpa continuously falls through the hole as Pizza Steve and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger watch. Mr. Gus finally comes in and catches Uncle Grandpa and questions him about digging a hole, in which Uncle Grandpa gives him a vague "maybe" response.


  • On ITunes, the episode is listed as "Shorts".
  • The music in the title card uses a higher pitch melody from Uncle Grandpa for a Day.
  • This episode had the most intermissions more than any other episode, three.
  • Not to be confused with actual short episodes.
  • Uncle Grandpa's first line, "Don't be silly, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, we are doing it live, and careful with that language!" is a reference to an infamous Inside Edition outtake from the early '90s, in which then-host Bill O'Reilly launches into an explosive, profanity-filled rant after the teleprompter malfunctions.
  • It seems to parody real life news channels in general.
  • The episode seems to parody Anchorman a little.
  • Pizza Steve claims that he doesn't really know how to drive.
  • Belly Bab states the Pizza Stve is Mr. Gus' educator.
  • This is the first and second time a map of the United States is seen.
  • Belly Bag is opposed to be used as a blindfold.
  • In "Uncle Grandpa in Piñata", Uncle Grandpa smashing things with a power line pole is a parody of Plants vs. Zombies, as the Gargantuar zombie in the game is big like Uncle Grandpa was and also crushed plants with a power line pole.
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa and Belly Bag having technical delays.
    • Mr. Gus' sports corner getting interrupted.
    • Belly Bag saying "Back to you, Uncle Grandpa".
    • Uncle Grandpa having fun in his roller chair.
    • Uncle Grandpa sticking his fingers in his ear.
    • Uncle Grandpa digging a hole.
    • The Cool or Dumb Turtle trying to impress Ben.
    • Ben thinking everything is dumb.
    • Uncle Grandpa slouching on the couch.
    • Uncle Grandpa destroying things and believing he's hitting the Piñata.
    • Uncle Grandpa not listening to Belly Bag.
  • Errors:
    • The boarders on the United States map are missing in some places, as well as parts of Canada are in the United States.
    • The vat of toxic waste Uncle Grandpa was hitting looked different than the others nearby.



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