Uncle Grandpa Sitter
Season 1, Episode 8
Uncle Grandpa Sitter
Premiered: September 30, 2013
Short: "New Experiences with Beary Nice & Hot Dog Person: Tree Climbing"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Marc Ceccarelli
Ryan Kramer
Audie Harrison
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Uncle Grandpa Sitter is the 8th episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 1, and the 8th overall episode of the series.


Uncle Grandpa creates a duplicate for himself to babysit him while his friends go out for ice cream.

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The episode starts off with Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus, and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger waiting in front of the cat clock with anticipation. When the cat clock begins to ring, they excitedly announce that it's ice cream time. They then all discuss which flavors they are going to get. When Uncle Grandpa tells everyone the flavors he wants, Mr. Gus reminds him that he can't go. When Uncle Grandpa asked why, Mr. Gus explained that the last time they left The UG RV unattended it blew up. Uncle Grandpa figured he'd be staying home with Belly Bag, but he announced that he was going with the rest of the group to the ice cream store. Mr. Gus reminded everyone that someone needed to stay with Uncle Grandpa because last time they left him unattended in the RV he accidentally blew it up. Mr. Gus insisted that he needs a babysitter. At first, Uncle Grandpa refused, but after thinking about it he came to a conclusion.

Uncle Grandpa made a duplicate of himself and claimed that he could babysit himself. When asked which one was the babysitter, he span one of the Uncle Grandpas around and turned him into Uncle Grandpa's Babysitter. The group agreed that this was okay and that they would pick up his favorite ice cream flavors and bring them back home when they were done. Mr. Gus also gave them a few warning to heed while they were gone. The group leaves Uncle Grandpa an his babysitter alone in the RV.

The babysitter immediately asks Uncle Grandpa what kind of fun activities he wanted to do. At first, Uncle Grandpa was ready to have fun, but then he realized they needed to be serious and not act reckless while they were gone or else he would lose his friend's trust. The babysitter proceeds to run off and try to do a bunch of "fun" yet dangerous things, and Uncle Grandpa stops the babysitter every time. Uncle Grandpa finally gets the babysitter to sit calmly on the couch and explains that they can't do anything until his friends get back.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang is hanging out at the ice cream shop. Belly Bag eats a bowl of sprinkles while Mr. Gus is kicking back with his ice cream. Pizza Steve asks for a bunch of flavor samples and threatens the employee who tries telling him no with Tiger's intimidating growls.

Back in the RV, Uncle Grandpa and the babysitter sit bored on the couch. Uncle Grandpa mentions that resisting having fun is making him hungry, so the babysitter goes right ahead and takes the chili dog that Mr. Gus specifically told them not to touch when he was giving them warnings to heed out of its display case to give it to Uncle Grandpa to eat. Uncle Grandpa doesn't notice until it is too late. This frightens Uncle Grandpa and he tries to hide in his propeller hat and say rhymes to himself. The babysitter reassure him that nothing was going to happen to them. As soon as Uncle Grandpa lets his guard down, Gary comes out of the ground extremely angry about the chili dog being eaten. Gary begins to destroy the RV as a way to avenge his eaten chili dog.

Unfortunately for Uncle Grandpa, Mr. Gus calls him to tell him that they are on his way with his ice cream treat. Uncle Grandpa tries to keep the conversation as brief as possible. When he is off the phone, he tries to reason with Gary by telling him he'd make him a new one. Gary tells him that it is the principal of eating his chili dog and continues to destroy the RV. The babysitter rejoices in all the destruction as a fun activity. Uncle Grandpa uses this need to have fun as a way to trick the babysitter into helping him destroy Gary the Robot and cleaning up the RV. Uncle Grandpa and the babysitter tag team Gary, the babysitter fighting him with swords and fists and Uncle Grandpa carefully moving things out of harm's way. After a bit of fighting, Gary throws down the babysitter and is about to shoot a laser canon in their direction. Uncle Grandpa gets a mirror and puts it in front of the babysitter, so when Gary shoots the laser it just bounces right back at him and destroys him.

The babysitter is impressed with the feat. Uncle Grandpa thanks the babysitter and asks the babysitter to help him clean up the RV before his friends get back. They do so as quick as they possibly can as his friends approach the RV. They are able to get everything straightened up and in order, including replacing the missing chili dog. The only thing they were not able to fix was the giant hole in the floor Gary the Robot left, so they just covered it up with a rug. Uncle Grandpa's friends came in and looked around the RV to make sure nothing was destroyed. Once seeing everything was fine, Mr. Gus complimented Uncle Grandpa on how well behaved he was and how he might not need a babysitter next time. Uncle Grandpa says that he might have the babysitter around again just in case. Pizza Steve goes to hand Uncle Grandpa his ice cream, but ends up falling through the hole the rug was covering up. Uncle Grandpa pretended like he had no idea it was there and the episode ends there.


  • This episode marks the first and only appearance of the Ice Cream man.
  • When Uncle Grandpa's babysitter grabs the chili dog, the sign was on the other side of the stand.
  • The babysitter is using the barbarian sword from Nickname.
  • Belly Bag only likes to eat sprinkles at the ice cream shop.
  • Pizza Steve had at least 50 free samples of ice cream.
  • Pizza Steve's favorite ice cream topping is gold and diamonds.
  • Running Gags:
    • Mr. Gus pointing out the last time Uncle Grandpa did something, the RV blew up.
    • The babysitter not listening to Uncle Grandpa.
    • Gary the Robot destroying things in the RV.
    • Someone saying "I have no idea".
  • Errors:
    • Mr. Gus appears much bigger in this episode than usual.
    • In Uncle Grandpa's flashback when Mr. Gus says don't eat this chili dog the couch is not seen.
    • When Uncle Grandpa leaves the telephone booth he is wearing Belly Bag, even though Belly Bag went out with the others to get Ice Cream.
    • Even though Belly Bag went with GRFT, Mr. Gus, and Pizza Steve, he can be seen on Uncle Grandpa in some scenes during Uncle Grandpa and the babysitter in the RV.
    • When the babysitter jumps on the trampoline, there's no color between the springs.
    • When Uncle Grandpa and the babysitter say "Let's do this", Uncle Grandpa's mouth doesn't move despite both voices being heard.
    • When Uncle Grandpa is moving the pile of stuff there's no mirror, when the babysitter needs help he pulls the mirror out of the pile.




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