Uncle Grandpa at the Movies
Season 2, Episode 16
Uncle Grandpa at the Movies Title Card
Premiered: June 12, 2015
Short: "Moments In History In Mr. Gus (Leonardo De Vinci)"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Kenny Pittenger
David Gemmill
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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"Bottom Bag"
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Uncle Grandpa at the Movies is the 16th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 68th episode overall of the series.


When Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve cause a ruckus at the movies, Mr. Gus saves the day.

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Mr. Gus is in the bathroom getting ready for his night out, while he decides on what to wear, his ticket for his movie is done printing out. Pizza Steve and Uncle Grandpa are slouching on the couch with nothing to do, Uncle Grandpa deflates and the pillow Pizza Steve is laying on turns into his head. Pizza Steve wonders where Mr. Gus is going in such a good mood, Mr. Gus points out that that narrow-minded attitude is why he's going to the documentary with out them, the guys are excited to go see a movie and they both rush out the door.

The two are excited to go see Explosion Man, Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve suggests to Mr. Gus that he should go see Explosion Man with them instead of whatever snoozefest he's going to watch. A Ticket Guy stops the guys and wonders where they're going, Mr. Gus hands him his printed out ticket to go see Varanus and he proceeds to go see his movie, the guy asks for Uncle Grandpa's and Pizza Steve's tickets and Pizza Steve proceeds to do a backflip. The ticket guy says that the tickets for Explosion Man are over in the long line.

Mr. Gus is happy to see that it's a mostly empty theatre with so many empty seats to choose from, he decides to sit directly in the middle to watch his movie. Before the movie starts Movie Theater Cinemas would like people to turn off phones, no loud talking, if any talking keep it to a whisper, then the feature presentation of Varanus begins.

Out of nowhere Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve are siting besides Mr. Gus, Uncle Grandpa yells at Mr. Gus to tell him that Explosion Man was sold out and that they got tickets to see this movie with him, Pizza Steve hopes that it's not a total stinker and Uncle Grandpa says that Mr. Gus has good taste, Mr. Gus is telling them to be quiet, Uncle Grandpa says what's the big deal it's just them and some sleeping guy in the back. Pizza Steve asks Mr. Gus what is this movie about and that it looked lame from the poster, Mr. Gus quietly says that it's not lame, Pizza Steve yells at him because he can't hear him, Mr. Gus tells him that it's not lame and to keep his voice down and to stop disrupting the movie. Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. Gus that's missing the movie and it's about some weird lizard guy.

Mr. Gus is getting annoyed by the texting Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve are doing between each other, Pizza Steve wonders if Uncle Grandpa got his text, Uncle Grandpa checks to see if it was the one about explosion man, Pizza Steve tells him it's about this lame movie, Uncle Grandpa didn't get the text, Pizza Steve told him he sent it and Uncle Grandpa shows him his text and that the last one was about explosion man. Uncle Grandpa believes he's getting bad service and he goes all around the theatre to get a better signal and he gets one on top of Mr. Gus. Mr. Gus tells them to put away the phones and to let him watch his movie, Uncle Grandpa points out the lizard guy moving.

Mr. Gus is now being annoyed by Pizza Steve trying to get a corn kernel out from his teeth, Mr. Gus yells at him asking him what is he doing, Pizza Steve tells him what wrong and Uncle Grandpa tells him that he's great at removing kernels. Uncle Grandpa has a grip on the Kernel and he pulls it out, the kernel is now in Mr. Gus' eye. Mr. Gus tells them to cut it out and he grabs their popcorn bags, he tells them to shut their can holes and watch the movie, Uncle Grandpa states that they can't watch a movie without popcorn and that it's the whole point of going to the movies in the first place, Mr. Gus proceeds to crumple up their popcorn. Pizza Steve tells him that he ruined their movie experience, Uncle Grandpa tells Pizza Steve to come with him to go get other snacks and Pizza Steve happily agrees and Mr. Gus is finally happy that they left.

Pizza Steve and Uncle Grandpa both came back with their snacks and Uncle Grandpa places his nachos on his seat and offers some to Mr. Gus, Mr. Gus as enraged and annoyed as he is he menacingly said NOOOOOOOO! The nachos fly into the air and lands right on Mr. Gus. Uncle Grandpa took a nacho from Mr. Gus as sees that it's super hot, he takes a drink from Mr. Gus' cup instead of his own and Mr. Gus notices, Uncle Grandpa spits the soda out onto Mr. Gus and Mr. Gus had enough, he yelled at both of them saying EITHER WATCH THE MOVIE OR GET OUT! and they do.

As Mr. Gus is watching the movie he sees that Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve are in the movie and they decide to put explosions in the movie, Mr. Gus wonders how they got in the movie and they state that there's a zipper in the corner and Mr. Gus becomes confused. Mr. Gus has had it with the two and decides to go into the movie and stop them from trying to ruin it. As Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve are placing explosives everywhere in the movie, Mr. Gus desperately tries to stop them from ruining the movie. Mr. Gus worries that he'll never watch his movie with all the explosions and then he gets an idea.

Outside the movie Mr. Gus had filled the whole theatre with explosions in hopes of luring Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve out of the movie. The two get excited at how much explosives Mr. Gus had put in there and they take their seats for the big finale. Mr. Gus detonates the room of explosions and the huge explosion launches Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve high into the air, they then land in a crater unable to move. Mr. Gus tells Eddie the movie projector worker to play it from the top and the whole movie starts over, Mr. Gus drops a whole bunch of popcorn on and around Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve so they won't talk through the movie and Mr. Gus gets to enjoy his movie without any distractions.


  • The title card shows us this episode is a 2015 Cartoon Network production, which would make sense as it was aired in 2015.
  • This episode takes place on June 18 as shown in Mr. Gus calendar.
    • This episode also takes place in 2015 as it corresponds to the 2015 calendar of June.
  • All the other movies playing at the theater had bland titles to make Explosion Man seem like the best movie ever.
  • Explosion Man bears a striking resemblance to Super Man.
  • There was a picture of a shark rising from the ocean in the theater, this is a reference to the movie "Jaws".
  • Varanus is just a classification of an animal, the actual animal in the movie looked like a Komodo Dragon.
  • Facts about the Varanus as stated in the movie:
    • It's known for it's powerful tails, long necks, and vicious jaws and claws.
    • Although it's a very powerful creature it enjoys quiet solitude.
    • Varanus tends to be loners in the wild.
    • Although their Fruitavores eating only fruits, they are also carnivorous in nature as they enjoy eggs, smaller rodents, hamburgers, and milkshakes.
    • Some species have trouble digesting dairy due to a lack of Microbiota provided in the womb.
    • The cartesian of this animal is on par with others in the upper bell curve on animal intelligence.
      • The movie is basically describing Mr. Gus' traits as he is very much like the Varanus, this would make sense as Uncle Grandpa described it as a "Weird Lizard Guy" which is something Mr. Gus is called often.
  • The man who was sleeping in the theater was eating candy called "Milky Dub", which is parodying the actual caramel candy "Milk Duds".
  • Uncle Grandpa explains that the only reason people go to the movies is to enjoy the popcorn which is somewhat true, and Pizza Steve explains that it helps their movie experience.
  • Uncle Grandpa points out a zipper of the movie in the corner that allows them to be in the movie.
  • The explosion scene in the episode is paying homage to old Tex Avery cartoons that used to use a lot of explosions, like Loony Toon's "Wile E. Coyote and "Yosemite Sam".
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve wanting more explosions.
    • Uncle Grandpa and Pizza Steve ruining Mr. Gus' movie.
    • Uncle Grandpa pointing out the Varanus' mvoements.
  • Errors:
    • When Mr. Gus entered the empty theater it showed no one else, until later, Uncle Grandpa points out a man sleeping in the back who wasn't there before.
    • When the theater blew up, the projector room is on the far left of the crater instead of being directly in the center to better project the movie.
      • In the last scene of the episode, the projector room is missing.




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