Uncle Zombie
Season 1, Episode 49
Uncle Zombie Title Card
Premiered: February 5, 2015
Short: "Who Wants the Last Pickle"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  David Gemmill
Ryan Kramer
Story by:
  Tom Kauffman
Kelsy Abbott
David Gemmill
Pete Browngardt
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Uncle Zombie is the 23rd episode of Uncle Grandpa Season 2, and the 49th overall episode of the series.


Pizza Steve keeps Uncle Grandpa awake all night with terrifying consequences.

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Zombies crawl out of the ground and a zombie assassinator pulls out a gun to kill the zombies, but it's all part of a movie that Pizza Steve is watching and he's enjoying it. Mr. Gus says that he shouldn't watch scary movie before you go to bed because it'll give him nightmares and Uncle Grandpa says that there's nothing more important than sleeping peacefully at night and he says goodnight to both of them. Mr. Gus heads to bed while Pizza Steve is still watching the movie, in the movie the zombie assassinator has to bury them alive but his assistant says that they aren't alive, and the zombie assassinator says exactly, and Pizza Steve says that the movie is creepy. During the middle of the night Pizza Steve yells in terror and it wakes everyone up, Uncle Grandpa asks if everything is ok and Pizza Steve says that he's practicing screaming for his new metal album, Mr. Gus says that the movie will give him nightmares and Uncle Grandpa tells Gus to go back to bed and that he'll handle this. Uncle Grandpa asks Pizza Steve if he wants to talk about his problem, and they both talk it out, Uncle Grandpa then takes Pizza Steve to his room so that the zombies won't get him. Uncle Grandpa then tucks Pizza Steve in and they both fall asleep.

While trying to sleep, Pizza Steve constantly pulls the covers away from Uncle Grandpa, so Uncle Grandpa gets his dino blanket and pillow and sleeps on the floor, Put Pizza Steve takes that stuff too. While trying to sleep again Uncle Grandpa is woken by an open window so he decides to close it, Pizza Steve sleepwalks to open it again and again, Uncle Grandpa decides to permanently close the window by sealing it with bricks and plastering the wall, Pizza Steve sleepwalks to open another window. All of a sudden Pizza Steve starts to sleep dance, Uncle Grandpa can't wake him up or else so he stays perfectly still to not wake him while Pizza Steve is dancing all over his face, Mr. Gus bursts through the door to tell them to turn off the music so Uncle Grandpa stops Mr. Gus and tells him to let Pizza Steve to dance it all out, so he pushes Mr. Gus out of his room to prevent him from disturbing Pizza Steve, and Uncle Grandpa tries to sleep again.

It's morning and Pizza Steve says that he slept like a baby even with Uncle Grandpa moving around so much, Uncle Grandpa turns around with a tired look on his face and Pizza Steve thinks Uncle Grandpa turned into a zombie so he goes off to warn the others, Uncle Grandpa goes to get some warm milk to help him sleep. Pizza Steve tries to warn Mr. Gus that Uncle Grandpa had turned into a zombie, Mr. Gus thinks that the zombie movie had gotten to Pizza Steve's head. Uncle Grandpa had warmed up some milk but he grabbed Mr. Gus' bait instead and he drinks it, Pizza Steve enters the kitchen thinking Uncle Grandpa is infecting the food supply, uncle Grandpa turns around and heads towards Pizza Steve. While heading towards Pizza Steve Uncle Grandpa steps on a lego and he begins drag his foot like a zombie, Pizza Steve runs away and Uncle Grandpa is too tired to play chase with him and head goes to lie down. Pizza Steve is in the storage room and he gets a message from the zombie assassinator telling him to assassinate the zombie, so Pizza Steve becomes a zombie assassin. Uncle Grandpa tries to lie down on the couch but Pizza Steve starts to shoot him with paintballs, Uncle Grandpa thinks he wants to play war with him, Pizza Steve throws a soda at Uncle Grandpa and he hits the wall and gets sucked in the air vents.

While in the vents he sees some dust an a mouse lets Uncle Grandpa have it and while he's trying to sleep, Pizza Steve uses a chainsaw to get him out. Uncle Grandpa then falls into Tiger's room and Tiger get's spooked and flies out of the RV, Pizza Steve shoots Uncle Grandpa with a plunger and he falls into the bathroom. Uncle Grandpa tries to run a hot bath but Pizza Steve overflows the toilet launching Uncle Grandpa into the sky, Uncle Grandpa lands on a cloud and tries to sleep there but Pizza Steve vacuums the cloud causing Uncle Grandpa to fall back into the RV and into Mr. Gus' room. Mr. Gus is spooked and Pizza Steve lets Mr. Gus join him to bury Uncle Grandpa alive. Once outside the RV they come up with a plan to lure Uncle Grandpa out of the RV and into a pit, once in the pit they had put a huge rock over Uncle Grandpa and he finally gets to rest in peace. Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve head back into the RV saying that they miss Uncle Grandpa but he's sitting on the couch and he says that he's glad that the zombie looking guy that looks like him who was trying to sleep in the RV is finally gone.


  • This episode could reference Haunted RV where Pizza Steve dressed as a zombie for Halloween, although he wasn't scared of zombies in the episode.
  • The Zombie Assassinator's voice is similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger's from the movie The Terminator.
  • The mansion from Ghost Math makes an appearance in the movie.
  • Pizza Steve has a tendency to dance in his sleep.
  • Mr. Gus was dreaming about the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • There are building blocks similar to Legos in the RV when Uncle Grandpa steps on it.
    • This is referencing the joke about stepping on Legos and being in great pain.
  • Pizza Steve hides in the broom closet from Hide and Seek and Funny Face.
  • The zombie assassinator from the movie carries a sword that looks like the barbarian sword from Nickname.
  • Uncle Grandpa claims that the tired zombie version of him is a different person.
  • Running Gags:
    • Pizza Steve taking the covers while trying to sleep.
    • Pizza Steve opening the window in his sleep.
    • Uncle Grandpa trying to sleep.
    • Pizza Steve trying to get rid of Uncle Grandpa.
  • Errors:
    • When Uncle Grandpa was fixing the hole in the wall from the window, the hole shrinks when he's done.
    • When Uncle Grandpa enters the vent, he leaves the living room, when Pizza Steve cuts open the vent, he lands in Tiger's room.




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