Up to Snow Good
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Up to Snow Good is a Uncle Grandpa game from Cartoon Network website.


Help Uncle Grandpa save his friends from Evil Snowmen that he accidentally summoned.

Game Play

This game is a tower-defense like game where you have to hit the incoming enemies before they reach you. You also cannot hit your friends, for if you do the game will end. The game revolves around using the arrow keys to move up and down amongst the rows and the space bar to throw snowballs.


Where to Play

Tips and Hints

  • Hit the snowmen in order and make sure you mind your space bar hits. If you mash the space bar button you'll end up accidentally throwing a snowball at your friend.
  • For the badge achievements that call for charged snowball throws, start doing the snowball charges (by holding the space bar for a few seconds before you throw) in the very beginning of the game. If you wait til future waves the snowmen will be coming on too fast for you to charge up.


Up to Snow Good Characters
Name Standing Hit
Melvin frozen sprite
Melvin hit sprite
Giant Realistic Flying Tiger
Frozen grft sprite
Hit grft sprite
Pizza Steve
Frozen steve sprite 1
Knocked out steve sprite in ice
Mr. Gus
Mr. gus frozen sprite 1
Mr. gus hit sprite 1


Up to Snow Good Enemies
+ +
Snowman 1
Evil snowman 1
Snowman 2
Evil snowman 2
Snowman 3
Evil snowman 3


Up to Snow Good Badges
Badge Name Achievement
Snowball Barrage
Throw 30 Charged Snowballs
Snow Kidding
Score 500 Points
Blizzard Bash
Beat Wave 3
Triple Smash
((MYSTERY BADGE)) Throw 3 Charged Snowballs in a row
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