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Season 1, Episode 33
Vacation Title Card.png
Premiered: September 25, 2014
Short: "Tiger Talk: Cooking with Frankenstein"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Andy Gonslaves
Jon Vermilyea
Story by:
  Dave Tennant
Peter Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander
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Vacation is the 7th episode of Uncle Grandpa season 2, and the 33rd overall episode of the series.


Uncle Grandpa goes on a vacation only to discover that being Uncle Grandpa is a full time job.

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Uncle Grandpa tries to escape from the crowd of desperate kids, the kids try to break through the door of the RV but Uncle Grandpa says that he seriously can't help anymore kids today. Uncle Grandpa starts to drag himself across the floor with his mustache, while Pizza Steve and Mr. Gus are arguing about who has been stealing Mr. Gus' glass bird figurines, Pizza Steve kept saying it was elves and then he almost blamed it on Uncle Grandpa when he was right behind him. Uncle Grandpa tells Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve about how he helped 190 kids this morning alone, he helped Jon ride a pony, he helped Liz do her homework, he helped Anna learn interpretive dance, he helped Mike hawk loogies, and then he helped Sarah fight a giant, and that he is all worn out. Mr. Gus suggests that Uncle Grandpa could use a vacation but he never had time for one, Pizza Steve says that he has been on tons of vacations and in fact he's taking one right now. Mr. Gus says taking a vacation is easy and suggests going to the beach, and just relax and take a break from helping. Pizza Steve says that if he ever needs any money, just sell one of Mr. Gus' glass bird figurines, and Mr. Gus now suspects that's what was happening to his glass menagerie and that we were robed by elves, Pizza Steve then says we were robed by elves and that they love that stuff, he then says this is about Uncle Grandpa, it can't always be about your stupid bird toys all the time, and Mr. Gus gets even more mad, Pizza Steve says that Uncle Grandpa should get going before bird man goes into another fits and gives him some money he sold from the birds.

Mr. Gus says that Uncle Grandpa should relax, but Uncle Grandpa doesn't know how to relax, Mr. Gus suggests he could go water skiing, zip lining, and even scuba diving, the possibilities are virtually endless, then Pizza Steve says that he can have all the hot dogs he can eat. Uncle Grandpa then asks Belly Bag for his luggage then he changes into a floral shirt and leaves the RV. Mr. Gus tells Uncle Grandpa to promise him that he will not help anyone on his vacation, then Uncle Grandpa walks off the boardwalk and into the ocean singing:


Uncle Grandpa:





Uncle Grandpa decides to take his vacation on a deserted island 2000 miles away from civilization, and many things on the island resemble Uncle Grandpa's head. Uncle Grandpa sets up a hammock and begins to eat all 10,000 hot dogs, until an island lady comes out of nowhere and tells Uncle Grandpa that he is the chosen one and begins to worship him, and she tells him that he came to the island to save the island, but Uncle Grandpa doesn't believe her and says that she has him confused with someone else and that he's just here to enjoy his vacation. The island lady says that he's here to help but Uncle Grandpa says that normally he loves helping people out with stuff but he's on vacation, and then he goes water skiing, the island lady goes to warn the others. Next Uncle Grandpa goes ziplining while eating hot dogs, then an island kid comes and calls Uncle Grandpa the chosen on and says that at the base of the mountain he'll drink from the ceremonial coconut and save the island, but Uncle Grandpa refuses to do so and sticks hot dogs in his ears to tune him out and tells the kid that he's on vacation. Uncle Grandpa then prepares to go scuba diving and fills an oxygen tank with hot dogs, and says that if he can't have his vacation he wouldn't have shown up at the island in the first place, so Uncle Grandpa dives in and eats hot dogs while scuba diving, he then swims in a cave that looks like his face and thinks that no one will find him in there, he begins to eat a hot dog but an island guy takes it away and says that there is no time for food and that the island needs help now. The island guy brings out a scroll that shows Uncle Grandpa protecting the island, Uncle Grandpa says that he wishes that he could draw like that, but Uncle Grandpa continues to say that if it was him, then why isn't he enjoying a vacation, and that he's only here to enjoy a vacation, the guy says vacation later, help now. He gives Uncle Grandpa the ceremonial coconut and the island spirit will save the island.

Uncle Grandpa refuses to drink from the coconut and still states that he's on vacation, and storms out of the cave saying vacation. At the end of the cave Uncle Grandpa finds cave comics that shows him saving the island, then the volcano starts to smoke, and the island guy comes back saying that there is still a few seconds left to save the island, Uncle Grandpa refuses to drink from the coconut and then the volcano erupts. The island lady comes back and says why didn't he drink from the coconut, Uncle Grandpa says vacation vacation, vacation vacation. The island guy says that the only way for Uncle Grandpa to save the island is to jump into the volcano, Uncle Grandpa ignores them and he starts to grill hot dogs, then the island lady begs for him to save the island, and Uncle grandpa finally says yes if they would get off his back, he runs for the volcano but comes back for his hot dogs. Uncle Grandpa climbs the volcano and he gets hit with a falling rock, once he made it to the mouth his sandals melt and he jumps in, then a cloud of smoke in the shape of Uncle Grandpa's head says good morning and the island is then saved. Once inside the volcano Uncle Grandpa finds it peaceful in the volcano, he says the next time he take a vacation he's going to jump in a volcano, and continues to have his vacation in the volcano, a song plays while he's doing everything:



Volcano vacation!

Volcano vacation!

It's  volcano vacation!

Everybody knows it's so fun!


Volcano Vacation!

Volcano Vacation!

He takes a cannon ball into the lava, he swims with dolphins, goes jet skiing, plays golf, eats ice cream, then he sits back in a small lava pool. Uncle Grandpa returns to the RV and tells Mr. Gus that vacation was just what he needed he thinks he never looked or felt better, then Uncle Grandpa turns into a pile of ashes.


  • Uncle Grandpa claims to had helped 190 kids in the morning alone.
  • Uncle Grandpa helping Lynn do her homework was a reference to Uncle Grandpa Ate My Homework!, where he's seen eating her homework.
  • Pizza Steve says he's never not been on vacation and that he's on one right now.
  • Mr. Gus has a glass menagerie where Pizza Steve decides to sell some of his ceramic collection for extra money and blaming it on elves.
  • It's said that Uncle Grandpa traveled 2,000 miles to reach the volcano island, on a world map, there isn't a island that's depicted being 2,000 miles away with a volcano. The closest island is Hawaii, but it's not in range of 2,000 miles of California.
  • Once Uncle Grandpa reaches the island there are stone heads of him, these resemble the Moai Monolithic Statues on Easter Island.
  • Uncle Grandpa is the apparent chosen one who is to save the island from drowning in lava.
  • The islanders have waited for 5,000 years for Uncle Grandpa to arrive and fulfill the prophecy.
  • Uncle Grandpa believes that the cave drawings are made for a Sunday funnies comic page.
  • While Uncle Grandpa is cooking hot dogs, he's humming the tune from Uncle Grandpa for a Day.
  • Running Gags:
    • Uncle Grandpa trying to ignore the islanders and try not to help them.
    • Islanders telling Uncle Grandpa he's the chosen one.
    • Uncle Grandpa doing the things Mr. Gus suggested.
    • Uncle Grandpa saying he's on vacation.
    • Uncle Grandpa getting hit with falling rocks.
  • Errors:
    • When Uncle Grandpa was dragging himself on the floor with his mustache, Pizza Steve popped into frame without transition.




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